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Dora, My Dancing Buddy

This is Dora! She and I get along perfectly, and she's my favorite dancing partner. She says that when we dance, our rhythm is like a "Hand in Glove" type of thing. And ya know what? I agree! During my little escapes to GirlBar in Chicago, she and I bootie-called all night. I miss her dearly because I never really see her anymore.. *sniff*


About me

My name is Gen (short for Genevieve), and I'm an 18-year-old college student at the College of Lake County, in Grayslake, Illinois. Last semester I attended Northern Illinois University, but for reasons which I do not wish to disclose, I was dismissed. When I was at Northern, my major started as Journalism/Telecommunications, but quickly switched to the Performance Arts (Dance, Voice, Instrument, Writing, Theatre). Currently, I have no major because community colleges really are not too flexible with their choices. So, instead of having a declared major, I am taking some random courses, most of which are general education classes, but that's okay.

I do not have a job anymore, but I am looking. There are some places in my immediate area that are hiring so hopefully I'll find myself there. In the meantime, I do HTML/Design consulting in my spare time. I run Imani Publishing, which is a FREE Homepage and custom graphic design "business." Speaking of HTML, I have many homepages up on the web! "For The Touch Of Her Lips Against Mine" is my lesbian-orientated homepage, "The World Through Gen's Eyes" is a homepage I put up for my parents' enjoyment, because my mom is not comfortable with my sexuality, and "Women-4-Women" is a little company type of thing that a few friends and I started to promote lesbian awareness on the web. If you like my work on the homepages, feel free to check out Imani Publishing and put in a request for us to look at your homepage!

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