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Re: Oregon License Plate Site in the News Tonight!

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Subject: Re: Oregon License Plate Site in the News Tonight!

From: [email protected] (John F. Fricker)

Date: Thu, 08 Aug 1996 08:44:52 -0700

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Have bandwidth, will travel.

Server space available here. is good to go.

Database front ends a specialty.

At 05:57 AM 8/8/96 -0700, Declan McCullagh wrote:

>Looks like we're a little late. However, we can still grab the tape from

>Oregon's DMV for $220. It would be an interesting exercise to try to get

>these tapes from each state with similar provisions and put them all



>Anyone wants to donate server space?




> Service has been temporarily suspended.

> Don't panic, I just want to think about the situation for a while.

> Stay tuned. --Aaron


> There is a very real chance that it will be turned off. That's because

> all of the people who hate it call the TV and Radio stations, the DMV,

> and their elected representatives. All of the people who love it send

> me an email. As much as I appreciate hearing from all of you, sending me

> email doesn't let anyone else know how you feel. If you want to keep

> this service going, make your voices heard.


>On Wed, 7 Aug 1996, Timothy C. May wrote:



>> Cypherpunks make the news again.


>> I'm watching the LA NBC news channel, and they report that the Oregon "look>> up any license plate" Web site

is causing a flap. Though apparently legal,

>> the critics admit, the Governor wants the material removed.

>> (Sounds like a good time to mirror it on some other sites, pronto!)

>> --Tim May

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