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Curtis Smith - The Aeronca Archives

Aeronca contracted from Aeronautical Corporation of America, located in Middletown, Ohio, is a US manufacturer of engine components and airframe structures for commercial aviation and the defense industry, and a former aircraft manufacturer. From 1928 to 1951, the company was a major producer of general aviation aircraft, and also produced the engines for some of their early designs.[2] [3]

Aeronca is now (2011) a division of Magellan Aerospace, producing aircraft, missile, and space vehicle components at the same location adjacent to Middletown's Hook Field Municipal Airport.

The Aeronca Corp still owns the type certificate A-802 for the sedan and all war and pre-war Aeroncas. Even the C-3

American Champion owns the:

A-759 for 7 series

A-761 for the 11 A&B series

A-796 for the 11 C series

A-21CE for the 8 series

  Note how the NPRM deals with all the certificates owned by American


The Aeronca Archives

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