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Car Wars Filemaker Pro 3.0 Database


Autoduelist's Pal 1.1 / Rich Pizor's Gaming Site

FileMaker Pro 3.0 Database (Under Construction)

Rich Pizor has created The Autoduelist's Pal 1.1, a FileMaker Pro 3.0 database designed to help you with the process of creating and cataloging designs for Car Wars. Though designed on a Macintosh, this database is theoretically usable on PCs as well, provided they are equipped with FileMaker. PC users will need the Windows version of StuffIt Expander from Aladdin Systems in order to expand it. On 12/11/1997, Steve Jackson Games approved Autoduelist's Pal. Rich has signed the contract and has mailed it. As soon as Rich gets the go-ahead from SJ Games, Rich will present the program on his Web Site.

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Image of Car Wars Filemaker Pro 3.0 Database