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Education: A Systemic
Approach to Learning

The Neuro-Viconic Education System is a

holistic approach designed to meet the learning

needs of all children. Neuro-Viconic

Education rests on four principle beliefs: 1. All

learning is brain-based, 2. All children learn to

think, 3. All children learn to be pro-social, and 4. All

children learn through context.

Each of these four principle beliefs is grounded

by theory and effective practices developed

over 50 years. When the principle beliefs are

paired with the methods developed to meet

learners’ needs and applied to how students learn

with a curriculum on content expectations, then a

Neuro-Viconic Education System emerges. This type

of education system provides opportunities

for all students to learn. And…all children

can learn because learning is brain-based!!

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Please contact us if your agency, school, or district

would like a presentation on learning, language,

behavior, the Neuro-viconic Education System (NvES),

Neuro-semantic Language Learning Theory (NsLLT),

Arwood Neuroeducation Model (ANM), etc.

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Ellyn Arwood, Alyse Rostamizadeh, Bonnie Robb, Chris Merideth, and Carole Kaulitz are available to provide professional development for your school or agency. The APRICOT website carries an assortment of books and materials developed around Dr. Ellyn Arwood's theory of learning. Please let us know how we can be of assistance to you!


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