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Feeding Crickets To Reptiles

Feeding Crickets to Reptiles

Reptiles can be a lot of fun to care for and keep as pets. A significant piece of really focusing on your reptile will take care of it appropriately, securely, and ensuring it's getting satisfactory sustenance. Numerous reptiles can be taken care of by an eating routine of crickets. Be that as it may, there are a couple of things you should realize when taking care of your reptile crickets like the sum to take care of them, the size of the crickets, and how to "gut-load" the crickets.


  • Don't add too many crickets to the enclosure.
  • Make sure your reptile's enclosure is the best temperature during the day to encourage feeding.
  • Dust your crickets in calcium powder before feeding them to your reptile.
  • If your reptile hasn't eaten all the crickets within one-half hour, remove the extras.
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