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The debut full length from Portland, Oregon's raging punk inferno. Fourteen shredding blasts of extremely enthusiastic and openly energetic hardcore thrash that'll rip the ears right off your aching skull.

14-songs! The highly anticipated debut! Fanzine writers really loved this one cos it was hardcore with a girl singer and that somehow that was new.

BERZERK - Theyreaftame by Recess Records


01. Better Your Today

02. Vision Left Behind

03. Thorn In My Side

04. Struggle

05. Try... Yourself

06. Teacher

07. Behind Closed Doors

08. Theyreaftame

09. Pervert

10. Imagine That

11. Meow

12. Never Enough

13. Nothing Means Nothing

14. Traitor

"Even though members of Berzerk seem to know what they're doing, they bring back fond memories of my old band. Tyler, the guitar player, follows the bass just enough, but can't resist little licks and mini solos. Joanne, who sings, apparently prefers to sing fast. They have lots of clever breakdowns, stops, starts, and tempo changes. The lyrics are simultaneously pissed and idealistic. Generally-speedy, up tempo, awesome, screechy punk rock with plenty of bad words."


Image of Berzerk