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Lilith Fur

1999 R.P.C.C. Kitty Soomo Turnamint

1999 Kitty Soomo Turnamint Purrogram an

Lissst uv Competiturs

Hamsterwate Class

(Under 5 Kg or 11 pounds)

Lilith is fitin under da unforgittible name uv Godzilla-head. She iz a one-anna-half yeer old black short-furred gurlkitty, who will be presenting a menacing appearance inna black lionclof. She sez, "My meowmie and paw call me Godzilla head because they say I have a round nose like Godzilla and because I treat the whole house like downtown Tokyo. My meowmie is a big fan of hoomin soomo so I want to do her purrrrrowd!"

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Hoomin sumo wrestling began in Japan about the year 1100. Kitty Soomo Resslin started in the noozegroop rec.pets.cats in June 1996, and continued in until the end uv the twentief century. The idea began when Manja, resenting being called overweight, quipped that he was just training to be a sumo wrestler. A turnamint was held inna noozegroop that yeer, and the rest, as they say, is hissssstory!

Image of Lilith Fur