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Brenna Sage Studios

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Singing Pianist from Hebo, OR

Will travel up to 100 miles


[email protected]

646.452.9963 or 503.354.7301


I have been playing the piano for well over 40 years, and performing professionally for 35 years. If you want a specific song, I'll learn it and sing it - or play it! I have an enormous setlist that consists of classical, light jazz, pop, popular standards, country, and light rock. If there is a piano at your event location, great! If not, I have my own keyboard, and little PA, and a microphone.

I specialize in "reading a room" to get a sense of the energy level. If you want higher energy, I'll step it up, and if folks are too rambunctious, I can settle it down. I also work with ensembles, too, and can put together a customized band for your event. Do you want a sing-a-long, or do you have some people in your group who are singers? I will gladly hand over the mic so they can be in the spotlight!

I strive to make your event perfect.

Additional Info:

Over 30 years of accompanist experience. I specialize in coaching vocalists for theatrical auditions, and performances. I have experience playing jazz, rock, blues, gospel, classical, art songs, and pop standards. I am also a vocalist, sight-reader, transcriptionist, and arranger.


$ 50.00 Dollars Per Hour

Audition coaching: $50 per hour

Audition accompanying: $25 per hour (2-hour minimum)

Rehearsals and classes: $25 per hour (does not include coaching)

Performances: $75 250(please inquire)


Piano, Organ, Electronic Keyboard


Contemporary Music, Jazz, Improvisation, Instrumental Accompaniment, Vocal Accompaniment, Musical Theatre, Musical Direction

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