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A personal web page of Bruce G. Marcot, Ph.D. Research Wildlife Ecologist

Where do science, art, music, and poetry meet? At the PLEXUS...

For my colleagues in wildlife biology and ecology ...

The Ecology Plexus

For my colleagues concerned with the

nature of knowledge and their apostolic science ...

The Knowledge Plexus

And for friends who ponder the nature of nature ...

The Arts Plexus  


Bruce G. Marcot is a Research Wildlife Ecologist with the Ecosystems Processes Research Program, USDA Forest Service, in Portland, Oregon, USA. He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Natural Resources from Humboldt State University, California, and a Ph.D. in Wildlife Science from Oregon State University. He participates in projects dealing with the analysis of wildlife population viability, assessment of biodiversity, and ecologically sustainable land-use planning. He has worked or traveled in Russia, China, India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Bolivia, Germany, Bahamas, Virgin Islands, New Zealand & sub-Antarctica, Australia, southern Africa, Canada, the Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Mongolia, Galapagos, and lots elsewhere.

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