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Angie, So Sorry To Take So Long Between

Rest In Peace - Angie 6/9/2005

Angie used to get together with a group known as the Portland Bloggers. We held meetings at Kell's on the principal Friday of the month....talking about our nerdy selves and periodically making associations through meandering aimlessly lifeworlds hurled online. She was a small drink of water, happy and with a propensity for sci-fi. Our kind of lady. This was 2002 - and our lives were starting. 

As time wore on, I dropped out of touch with the gathering. My passageway into parenthood in 2003 made going to those month-to-month gatherings somewhat more troublesome. Time passed and I kept track through Jenn - who arose as an old buddy outside of the publishing content to a blog circle. 

It was through Jenn that Angie returned to my life. Jenn and I work together now, and she advised me of cancer that Angie was fighting again....and that it was presumably terminal. We found the opportunity to visit her King City room twice before she passed. On the first occasion when, we had an extraordinary encounter with her - sharing stories and kidding about her new hair that was returning after chemo. She was extremely slender and somewhat delayed in her developments, yet she had her mind and an unrepentant nerd vibe - with a lifesize standup of a cast part from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in her corner. I embraced her slight casing as we said our farewells. 

On our subsequent visit, Angie was snoozing and we stayed there conversing with her parent who looked drained, yet glad to see us. We went on about her life and giggled as she lay there - pop bottle glasses on and mouth open - with the spikes of her hair resembling a crewcut. She resembled a calmly dozing military-type around 1954 - as we left her recordings and blossoms for her to appreciate. 

That was the last time we saw her. 

Although the death of someone you know is always shocking in its way, there is comfort in knowing that her suffering is over and that she is free.

If only she could blog about the great beyond.