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Canfarms Listing

CanFarm�s goal was to showcase the beauty of central Canadian farming (from the Alberta foothills east to Manitoba). The map isn�t specific to any one location in Canada, but the small-town feel, wooden grain elevators, and highway system are definitely reminiscent of many places in this region.

On this map, you won�t find any pre-established grain storage facilities, farm sheds, or animal zones. Instead, the map is fully designed to maximize the use of GIANTS� new in-game landscaping tool and the abundance of placeable objects available in the default game and for public download on and beyond. The map itself is on a 4x dem.


CanFarm Mod Map 2.0

CanFarm Map v 2.1

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FS19 CanFarm Mod Map

CanFarm Map v 2.1 [ShareMods]

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