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Skiing Mt Hood Meadows Via White River

All guests leaving designated groomed trails should ride with a buddy, expect unmarked obstacles, practice deep snow safety, and have avalanche awareness. Respect all rope lines and closures. Carry a Trail Map and be aware of the following terrain management policies.

Gated Access

Access to Heather Canyon, Clark Canyon, and Private Reserve is through access gates only. These areas are not patrolled on a regular basis and avalanche danger exists at all times. You may be entering tightly wooded and cliffed terrain. Beware of waterfalls, creek holes, cliff bands, avalanche debris, and other unmarked obstacles. The names shown are for reference only and are not designated trails or runs. Skiing/riding with a partner and carrying a beacon, probe, and shovel are highly recommended. Closure violators will lose lift privileges and may be criminally trespassed.

Closed Ski Area Boundary

Mt. Hood Meadows has a Closed Boundary policy. This is a �Rule of Use� as specified in our operational agreement with the Forest Service. There is no lift-served access to terrain outside of the ski area boundary.

MHM�s South Boundary separates the White River Canyon Wilderness Area from the ski resort. The South Boundary runs from the top of Cascade Express past Vista Express and Easy Rider to the Sunrise Parking Lot. At the top of Cascade Express, the rocky ridge serves as a boundary. Do not hike up and over this ridge. From the top of Vista Express, the south boundary consists of a rope line with signs. All-terrain beyond this rope leads into the wilderness away from the resort. From the bottom of Easy Rider to the Sunrise parking lot there is no signage due to the uphill nature of the terrain South of the trail to Sunrise.

The North Boundary lies along the rocky moraine locally called �pea gravel ridge� that forms the North ridge of Clark Canyon. This ridge separates the ski area from the Newton Canyon Wilderness Area. No signage exists here. Please do not hike or traverse up and over this obvious ridge into the Wilderness Area.

Uphill Travel Prohibition

Mt Hood Meadows generally prohibits uphill travel within our ski area.

Specific exceptions exist for:

  • Backcountry users who desire to access the wilderness areas adjacent to the ski resort may use the MHM parking lots and need to follow the designated hiking routes that run just outside of our ski area boundaries.
  • When open, hiking to Super Bowl, Dallas Bowl and Chute 225 requires a check-in with Patrol at the top of Cascade Express. Skiing/Riding with a buddy and carrying a beacon, probe, and shovel are highly recommended.
  • Event and competition spectators choosing to hike to Easy Rider area venues: Banked Slalom, Fireweed, Shipyard, and Half Pipe.

All uphill travelers must:

  • Be aware of the hazards inherent in the alpine environment and the ski resort setting
  • Take precautions to remain visible to downhill skiers and riders at all time
  • Use appropriate footwear or traction devices for safe travel over variable winter surfaces including snow and ice.

Closure and Out-of-Bounds Violations

Please respect all rope lines. Crossing rope lines into Freestyle Terrain Parks, Race Courses, or Expert Terrain is not allowed. Closure violators will lose lift privileges and may be criminally trespassed. Avalanche terrain closure violators will not have tickets/passes returned. Skier safety classes will be required before returning to slopes in future seasons.

Skiing or Snowboarding outside of the ski area boundary will result in the loss of skiing / riding privileges and a possible fine of $500 (Hood River County Ordinance 140).

Any search and rescue operations initiated on your behalf will result in the loss of skiing / riding privileges and will be billed out for the total amount of the cost incurred by Mt. Hood Meadows during rescue operations. This amount will be no less than $1,000.

There is a zero-tolerance policy for guests beyond the boundaries of Mt. Hood Meadows.

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