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Cloud Seas - Mt. Hood - Wy'east Face

This site started off as a one-stop weather page for my own neurotic checks of the weather and conditions. I've continued to add comments and photos from ski trips in the Cascades (mostly Mt. Hood - my own backyard) and some points further afield - a way to recall past trips and jones for the next one... The Pacific Northwest possesses a lifetime of opportunities, and there are many others with whom I share a passion for backcountry skiing and inspiring views. A quick web search will easily link you to trip reports or resources that either inspired me to go to these places or inspire me to return.

Mount Hood via the Wy´┐ŻEast Route

The Wy'East Route on Mount Hood is an incredible option in contrast to the Old Chute. The course can be gotten to by means of both Timberline and Mount Hood Meadows. While the first beginnings are a lot higher the second has a superior fall line run. The drop can be very nearly 6,000 feet and rather than being a chute, the region is a totally open face. However, it is a bit longer day than the primary course we viewed it to be a vastly improved ski line. Following seven days of riding the volcanoes of Oregon, the time had come to make a beeline for Mount Hood and ride the Wy'East Route.

In transit north to ski visit Mt Hood, our unique goal was to climb the Leuthold couloir however being late season we realized its conditions would be terrible. I had done the Old Chute the year earlier so look at the Wy'East Route all things considered. We concluded that the methodology from Meadows would be superior to Timberline. Taking a gander at the guides it would be a superior fall line and negligible crossing. Being late June we could remain in the snow contrasted with the long scree climbing.
Leaving the Parking Lot we were glad to discover consistent snow from the foundation of Mount Hood Meadows. From the beginning, we had the option to skin up to the top lifts shack. Once past them, we were boot pressing on-screen with our sheets on our packs. However, we were getting on soil just to our east was the Wy'East Headwall and what seemed to be an ideal ski plummet.

All in all, Wy'East Route is classic with an incredible fall line. While a few groups say the methodology from the tree line is better I clash. Mount Hood Meadows is 1000 feet lower however compensates for it while skiing downhill. This face would be astounding mid-winter with courses that you could take in a wide range of conditions. In case Avalanches were a worry you could follow the high edge start to finish. Assuming you need to move away from the groups and still get great skiing on Mount Hood then the Wy'East Route is an extraordinary spot.
Image of Cloud Seas - Mt. Hood - Wy'east Face