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Cloud Seas - Tomyhoi Peak

This site started off as a one-stop weather page for my own neurotic checks of the weather and conditions. I've continued to add comments and photos from ski trips in the Cascades (mostly Mt. Hood - my own backyard) and some points further afield - a way to recall past trips and jones for the next one... The Pacific Northwest possesses a lifetime of opportunities, and there are many others with whom I share a passion for backcountry skiing and inspiring views. A quick web search will easily link you to trip reports or resources that either inspired me to go to these places or inspire me to return.


Tomyhoi Peak

Round-trip distances ranged from 12 to 14 miles; Class ratings ranged from 3 to 4, and total elevation gain ranged from 3,800' to 4,500'.

In my opinion, this climb was probably a bit over 12 miles round trip, it was Class 4, and its total elevation gain was at least 5,000 feet, as the trailhead-to-summit difference is more than 3,800 feet, plus there are two 200-foot drops, one 100-foot drop, a couple of 50-foot drops, and many smaller dips and rises along the way (all of which you lose and regain, both out and back).

Aside from those annoyances, this was an interesting climb that really tested me on many levels, both mentally and physically. Maybe it seemed harder than it truly was because it's been a while since I've done an exposed scramble. Or maybe it's because most of my exposed scrambling experience has been on better rock. Or maybe it's because I'm only 5'6" and this route was meant for taller climbers. Regardless, it ended up being a great experience for the soul, plus it afforded some incredible views.

After driving about an hour and 15 minutes east of Bellingham, you may start up the trail. Most people hike up to Yellow Aster Butte from this trailhead, which is a relatively easy hike with fantastic views, but only a few continue on to Tomyhoi. Beyond where the trails split, we only saw about 6 other climbers all day long.

Image of Cloud Seas - Tomyhoi Peak