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C Benson - Welcome to my Internet Security Page

BODetect......Back Orifice Detect. If you know what's good for ya...

A Bit of Background...

Back Orifice really consists of two programs. The secretive server program resides in the host system of some usually-unwitting Netizen. The client program is used to communicate with BO servers on remote systems. It is the tool of the "remote administrators" who're causing so much havoc with BO.

In order to locate its victims - er, servers, the client program can perform ping sweeps. A ping is analogous to the familiar ping sound used by submarines. A packet of data, a sort of inquiry, is sent to a targeted address. If a BO server is online at that address, listening on the specified port, and if the ping packet contains the right password (if one is required), there will be a response. When there's a response, the client reports upon it to the operator. To facilitate locating servers, the client can sweep a series of IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, potentially many thousands of them. Every computer on the internet, including yours right now, has an IP address.

BODetect download here.

Download via FTP you will also find it on the FSBO website.

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