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Citizens For Sensible Transportation: A Look At Portland's Transportation System

Citizens for Sensible Transportation: a look at Portland's transportation system

Efficient public transit, miles of bike lanes, and pedestrian-friendly city streets make navigating Portland a breeze.

On a visit to Portland, do as locals do and take advantage of the city�s miles upon miles of protected bike lanes, efficient public transportation system, and many (and we mean many) walkable bridges to get around. Renting a car is never a necessity in Portland, with plenty of budget-friendly ways to explore the city car-free (and avoid the hassle of finding and paying for parking). Read on to learn more about Portland transportation, then check out our events calendar to help you plan your next visit.

Portland International Airport (PDX)

  • The Portland airport (PDX) boasts an easy light rail connection to downtown, free Wi-Fi, local food and drink, tax-free shopping with no markups � and 426 flights daily.

Amtrak / Union Station

  • Union Station, with its elegant architecture and iconic �Go By Train� neon sign connects passengers with the city by bus, car, and of course by train.

BoltBus and Greyhound

  • It�s easy to get to and from Portland by bus with the iconic Greyhound and its subsidiary BoltBus.


Public Transportation

TriMet offers light rail, bus, and streetcar service throughout the metro area.

MAX Light Rail

  • Portland's efficient light rail system connects the metro area and downtown core. Learn how to ride and where to go on MAX.

Portland Streetcar

  • In 2001, Portland built the nation�s first modern-day streetcar: the sleek and modern Portland Streetcar.

Bus Service

  • The TriMet bus system, which covers the city and its suburbs, offers low fares, friendly drivers, and full wheelchair accessibility.


Biking in Portland

  • Bike lanes, a popular bike-share program, and wacky rides make Portland a cyclist's paradise.

E-Scooters in Portland

  • Electric scooters are the latest mode of transportation to arrive in Portland.


Portland by Car

  • Traveling on four wheels? Use these resources to help you get around by car.

Driving in Portland

  • While Portland prides itself on being a city that�s easy to get around without a car, these tips will help you tour the city in a four-wheeled fashion

Parking in Portland

  • These tips will help you find parking in Portland's central city.

Car- and Ride-Sharing

  • Car- and ride-sharing services in Portland make it easier than ever to get around the city without bringing your own vehicle.


Walking in Portland

  • Explore the city by foot on these gorgeous hikes and walks in and near the city.

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