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Robot Soccer Group - Craig M. Jurs

Robot Soccer Group

Mechanical Design by Craig M. Jurs:

Task: Together with Rick Burkard build the new type of hexapod from aluminum elements. It should have 12 motors and be able to kick the ball reliably. It will be electronically the same as our old Lynxmotion hexapod with added radio control.


Ann R. Warren-Redman - Player Developer

Mikhail Pivtoraiko - Group Leader

Amey Tarte - Strategy Developer

Frederick T. Burkard - Mechanical Design

Martin Lukac - Intelligent Agent Specialist

Abdul-Jabar P. Ekaputra - ECE Major

Bhawsar C. Yashraj - ECE Major

Andrei B. Khlopotine - ECE Major

Senthivel S. Thiruvarul - ECE Major

Dave Van Dyke - ME Major

Image of Robot Soccer Group - Craig M. Jurs