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Thanks Cindy From Rachel Harris

I am starting this page of thanks with the two people I have MOST to thank - my family! Bob is wonderful to support, has many creative contributions, and is the hardware/software person that helps keep this all together. My son, well he has worked VERY hard on this song too. It is a LOT of work for a kidlette to hang out at the printers, at the recording studio or errands like that. He even has made his OWN music tape, complete with a hand-done jcard! What a guy! THANK YOU both! I love you very much!

This "Thank You" list grows bigger EVERY day! It warms me through and through to see people extend themselves in such a positive way to send this song out to the four corners of the world! This fiery love song is dedicated to all the hearts that have been touched by the magic of the internet. THANKS for the inspiration and thanks to ALL who have been sharing their romantic stories with me to put on the page.

Cindy and Stacy for their help with the postcards and the business cards! THANKS!

Image of Thanks Cindy From Rachel Harris