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 I'd like to feature stories of growing up being a fan of Julie's, or how you came to be a fan. Short or long, it doesn't matter. I've included my own in the Julie Newmar Library. If you would like to add to this site in any way, whether it's with a story, a photo, or best wishes for Julie, please send it to me. The address is at the bottom of the page. NEWS - The BATMAN series is now seen on the TVLand cable channel. And coming up on Sunday, May 19th, is a block of Catwoman episodes, so be sure to set your VCRs! Quite a few things have happened since we last talked... The biggest happening being of our favorite, Julie Newmar! She's also been out and about at various fairs and conventions. Keep a lookout, she may be stopping by your town, ya never know! For right now, you should tune in Ron Smith's website.

"There is no other like Julie Newmar. She is far more than the first and greatest Catwoman. The California native is a dancer, actress, Tony Award winner, writer, inventor, and real estate mogul."

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