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The Joan Severance Backpage is dedicated to an unparalleled actress! Joan has a "lightness" about her. No matter what role she is playing, even in the darkest of murder mysteries. It is impossible to not be intrigued by her. You find yourself looking at her non-stop when she is on-screen. You can't look away, something about her forces you to watch her. Or maybe that's just me! I first saw Joan in the trailer for the movie "Hear No Evil, See No Evil". I then saw the movie on The Movie Channel. I was immediately enamored. Then several years later I saw her in "Bird On A Wire", I sat through credits to find out her name. It was the last time I'd need to be reminded. She's been on my favorites list ever since. Please note, that this site has no contact with Joan Severance herself or her business office. So, please don't ask me for autographs, photos, or any other information. I'm just like you; a fan. If I find an address that works for autographs, I'll pass it on. But so far, every one of them has turned out to be bogus. And Joan, if you happen to be here, maybe you'd pass along an address... Maybe if there's enough interest we can start our own Joan Severance FanClub! Anyone up for the challenge?

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