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Joan Severance Backpage - Filmography

Year                             Title                                             Role                                 Notes
1987                 Lethal Weapon                         Girl in Black Playsuit                Uncredited
1989         See No Evil, Hear No Evil                              Eve
1989                 No Holds Barred                               Samantha
1989                    Worth Winning                                 Lizbette
1990                     Bird on a Wire                            Rachel Varney
1991  Another Pair of Aces: Three of a Kind       Susan Davis                       Television film
1991                   The Runestone                             Marla Stewart
1991                     Write to Kill                                 Belle Washburn
1992                     Illicit Behavior                            Melissa Yarnell
1992                 Almost Pregnant                          Maureen Mallory
1993                 Lake Consequence                                Irene
1993      Red Shoe Diaries 2: Double Dare             The Woman                Segment: "Safe Sex"
1994                 Criminal Passion                           Melanie Hudson
1995                         Payback                                   Rose Gullerman
1995             Dangerous Indiscretion                   Caroline Everett
1995                   Hard Evidence                             Madelyn Turner
1995                  Black Scorpion                                 Darcy Walker                 Television film
1996                  Frequent Flyer                               Alison Rawlings                Television film
1996               Profile for Murder                         Dr. Hanna Carras
1997                Black Scorpion II                               Darcy Walker
1997                 In Dark Places                                       Chapelle
1998                 Matter of Trust                               Theresa Marsh
1998 Life of the Party: The Pamela Harriman Story   Paley                         Television film
1998-1999 Love Boat: The Next Wave                 Camille Hunter                     TV series
1999             The Last Seduction II                         Bridget Gregory
2001                   Cause of Death                               Angela Carter
2003                 Mystery Woman                             Mary Stenning                  Television film
2005                     Taylor Leigh
2006                     Last Sunset                                     Lisa Wayne
2007                           Born                                          Dr. Sammael
2012                     Sharkproof                                    Connie Krebs
2016             Accidentally Engaged                           Sandy Byers
2016                    Becker's Farm                                Mrs. Schmidt

This is by no means complete.

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