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The Great Moongate

A Moongate or gate is a form of transportation across large distances in Ultima Online.

Moongates are magical warp portals connecting two or more places together. The most common Moongates are the constant Moongates next to or in every major town, all of which connect to each other, but players with sufficient Magery may also temporarily create Moongates linking only two areas together utilizing a Rune.

Gates are available in many colors; red ones always exit in Felucca.

Player gates cannot be created in Felucca's dungeons or anywhere in Ilshenar.

Moongates cannot be used when a character is flagged as a criminal or as an aggressor against another character, and will occasionally refuse to operate and tell the player "Your spirit lacks cohesion." when they have been teleporting through gates too rapidly. Waiting a few seconds will fix this.

Most of the Ilshenar moongates are close to an ankh, and often referred to as shrines; although the actual Virtue Shrines are located elsewhere in Trammel and Felucca.

The Ilshenar Chaos moongate does not have an ankh and with it no resurrection, karma lock, or tithing.

Nujel'm has a moongate that serves as an exit and not as a destination.

Magincia moongates were damaged and served only as destinations, not exits from either Magincia. Shards of the crystal of duplicity that are recovered from the Virtuebane duplicates are used to create a new moongate and link it to the rest of the Britannia during the Rebuilding of Magincia.

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