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- The Druid's Stone

Hello Everyone!

I've been a bit on the quiet side lately - but I finally have something I can show off here. Some of you may remember I posted the druid from the piece some time ago in the WIP forum. Well, I had been trying to get a replacement torso for the dragon, since it had some casting problems (a hole, bad flesh) - and finally got tired of telling my client there was still a delay - so I replaced his bad piece with the Dragon's torso from my own collection. Luckily, I got confirmation the other day that the replacement piece is on its way to me - for which I am very grateful to Mr. Ed Pugh!!

Anyway, enough babble - I tried to remain as faithful to the original artwork as I could with this one. I've decided I don't really like painting dragon scales - it's very tedious. I don't know if I would want to paint anything bigger than this. I also seem to have injured my left arm from holding the rock w/ the dragon on it for painting - how do you people who paint big stuff manage?

The base was purchased at a craft store, stained, and glossed. All the paints on the model are RMS.

Image of The Druid's Stone By Jubilee