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- Laurana the Sorceress

Hello everyone!

Some of you have probably already seen this from following the link on my tanned flesh tutorial, but since Wolfers has (finally) received this miniature, I can post "official" show-off pics. :)

She's painted with all RMS paints, and the decals are from Ginfritters Gnomish Workshop - very cool products! - It's been killing me because I had her painted for about 2 weeks before I finally got the assignment to send a mini to Wolfers! Then, he had to go and be living in Canada, so it took a week and a half or so for the darned thing to arrive...

Anyway, here she is:

The darkening is a little rough in places, but otherwise, I'm fairly happy with how she turned out. :) I think the hair is the best I've managed so far...

Image of Laurana The Sorceress