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- VASA Militia Man

Well, you could try a yellow undertone for albino. Ice yellow, if I remember correctly, from Vallejo Game Colors might work well, but if you wanted to use RMS I'd probably go with either buckskin pale or linen white. Also, RMS Fair Highlight is not as pinkish as rosey, and is a fairly cool color IMO. Lastly, you might consider going with gray - start with RMS leather white. With all of these, you'd want to just keep adding white.

If you want to try to avoid mixing, you could try using Vallejo game colors wolf grey & ghost grey (both very light blues, ghost grey a little more so), and then add white to the ghost gray for final highlights. If you have GW colors, you might already have their equivalents. I did a dress once with this combo, also using a blue glaze.

I also did a cloak once without the blue glaze.

lastly, I did a lab coat recently where I started with RMS ghost white, shaded with RMS Twighlight blue, and added pure white to the ghost-white for highlights.

I imagine that the RMS triad that goes from midnight blue - twilight blue - snow shadow would work well for an illithid (at least as I think of them).

I'd do albino with a pink undertone, so I'd probably start with RMS rosey highlight and gradually add white.

not sure what more you might want...

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