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17 Why 17?

There are 33 rooms on each floor of Seattle University's Campion Tower, but only 17 of them are occupied by students at Clarion West 2000. The others are vacant, or might as well be.

This story* describes the 17 members of this year's Clarion West class. Each student is described in three paragraphs of exactly 17 words each. It seemed a good idea at the time.

Each student is described in three ways:

Outward appearance: does this seem to be someone you would like to read about?

Inside information: sadly, people are not always what they seem.

What s/he is writing about: many students are writing about interesting things. Some are not.

Nothing whatsoever happens in this story. It is an ideal fare for invalids. Those seeking sensation are advised to look elsewhere.

Do you sometimes wonder what Clarion West is like? This story* will give you the illusion that you can know. Indeed, it can make you feel omniscient, Godlike. This is a pleasurable sensation. But please remember that once you leave 17, you are no longer Godlike. Geoff Ryman, of course, is.

17 happens on June 27, 2000, which is day 9 of Clarion West 2000.

* This "story" isn't really a story, because it doesn't have a plot. You try cramming a plot involving 17 distinct characters into 867 words.


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This site has been written, encoded, and uploaded by David D. Levine. Any resemblance to 253 by Geoff Ryman is purely coincidental.

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