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Oregonian Article On Our Kitchen Remodel And Kate's Blog

Oregonian Article on our kitchen remodel - Photos of article

In search of joy

I awoke feeling more chipper than yesterday, and my mood rose further when I opened the paper and saw this article about our kitchen remodel! Well, the article�s mostly about Kate�s blog, but it does have some photos of the kitchen. We�re practically famous! Unfortunately, by the time my workday ended I was feeling pretty pounded down again. I�ve been thinking a lot in the last couple of days about how to find my joy. One of the big problems is that everything I would like to do takes time (which is in very short supply right now) or calories or both, so whenever I�m tempted to do something just for me it turns into a stressor because it takes away time from some important thing or is bad for me. But I really needed a break, so I said �screw it� and walked down to Ben & Jerry�s with my sweetie and got a Chocolate Therapy cone (how apropos!). And lo, it was good. After that, I did the taxes (well, filled out the worksheets for the tax guy), which is something that really needed doing, and a few other chores. So no editing tonight, but my load is lightened. And, really, isn�t that the point? Thanks to everyone who has sent emails and comments of support.

Image of Oregonian Article On Our Kitchen Remodel And Kate's Blog