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101 Uses For An Aol Cd

101 Uses for AOL Disks

It's a simple feat to format and reuse AOL disks...but with a little imagination, a truly useful purpose can be found for those pesky white platters invading our mailboxes and magazines.

Thanks to everyone who submitted their valuable ideas. Of course, if you have any clever suggestions you'd like to share, feel free to send an email.


1. Mini cutting board (great for the office or the car, use the metal door for knife).

2. Attach it to a ruler and presto! - you've got a fly swatter.

3. Construct a life-size replica of Stonehenge.

4. At a restaurant, shove one under a wobbling table leg.

5. Money clip (use the metal door and discard the plastic case...the "rich nerd" look is IN this year).

6. Eye patch (for one-eyed software pirates).

7. Christmas ornaments (the more the merrier).

8. Give them to young children to use as building blocks.

9. Glue them to the bottom of the space shuttle and use them as re-entry burn tiles.

10. Dentures (melt & form them into new teeth for grandma).

11. Room dividers for hamsters.

12. Drink coasters.

13. Use multiple disks to create an ideal door stopper.

14. Ice scraper.

15. Bathroom tile.

16. Bookmark.

17. Mini frisbee.

18. Air hockey puck.

19. Dog chew toy.

20. Dartboard.

21. Pooper scooper.

22. Grill scraper.

23. Use them for karate board-breaking demonstrations (save a tree).

24. Wrist slicer - after receiving first AOL bill (use metal door).

25. Conversation piece for coffee table.

26. Destroy them - smash, burn, or run over to relieve stress.

27. Light switch cover.

28. Chinese throwing stars (tape 2 together).

29. Clay pigeons for target practice.

30. Greeting card (bind two together at one end).

31. Halloween treat (give them away all night long).

32. Bulletproof vest (arrange together in triple thickness).

33. Firewood.

34. Birdhouse.

35. Paperweights.

36. Pen holders (make a box without a top).

37. Post-it-notes holder.

38. Refrigerator magnet (glue a magnet to the back).

39. A very sturdy base for putting the motorcycle side stand on when parking on soft surfaces.

40. Keep 'em in the trunk for extra traction in the snow.

41. Solar Eclipse Glasses (open the door and look through the disk at the sun/moon -actually works).

42. Placing one in each back pocket helps children who get paddled by the coach. This spreads the force to a wider area.

43. Make an AOL disk & pasta casserole.

44. Incense burners (put a stick in the hole of the disk hub and light the incense.

45. Bug Shield (glue a bunch to the front of your car's hood).

46. Put them on car windshields at the mall (along with this list).

47. Melt the plastic of the disks into a giant sculpture.

48. Hand them out as party favors.

49. Hidden/spare key holder (crack open 1 side, insert key and then place near the door. Completely safe...who would want an AOL disk?)

50. Vertical blinds.

51. Be an AOL diskette surgeon and dissect a diskette.

52. Bench press weights (I can press 120).

53. Grind 'em up and fertilize the front lawn.

54. The new "Domino's stuffed-crust pizza" filling.

55. Tell the kids to leave warm milk & AOL disks for Santa.

56. Brake shoes.

57. House insulation.

58. Recycle them for the scrap metal.

59. Kitchen tile for Bill Gates' new mansion in Seatle (walk all over the competition)

60. Hockey Puck.

61. Add water and special plant life to make a Chia-Disk.

62. Noisemaker for your bike spokes (why damage your valuable baseball cards).

63. Put one on a leash and drag it along as you walk...makes the perfect pet.

64. Poker chips.

65. Baseball practice (throw them up in the air and hit them with the bat).

66. Keychain (Put a key ring through one of the write-protect holes and you've got a snappy executive bathroom keychain for the office).

67. Mail to 10 friends-start an AOL chain letter (add a disk with each link).

68. Earmuffs (glue some fur on one side, then attach a U-shaped piece of bent coathanger to both disks).

69. Grind them up to make fake snow.

70. Earrings (put a loop into the write-protect hole).

71. Dental floss (use actual disk).

72. Use them for zipper pulls (instead of ski lift tickets).

73. When your collection of disks reaches 52, use them for a deck of cards.

74. Use them to fill potholes.

75. Hood ornament.

76. Snowblower replacement blades.

77. Put them in your shirt pocket to make you look smart.

78. Make two stacks of 10 and use them as heels for platform shoes.

79. Rubic's cube case (make into the box).

80. Shipping material (keeps your photos from being bent in the mail).

81. Protect your table from burns caused by hot pots and pans.

82. Snack trays (great for holding hors d'oeuvres at parties).

83. Give them as stocking stuffers to all those people who piss you off.

84. Flypaper (use actual disk and put string through the middle, hang 2" apart and apply honey to disks).

85. Pocket protector (gee Gilbert I really like your new pocket protector -thanks Lewis).

86. They make a *dandy* addition to a #$*+&% neighbor's back yard. Better yet, get them to actually install it on their computer.

87. Use them as elbow and knee pads.

88. Wax scraper for snowboards.

89. Use them to decorate your aquarium and create Computer City underwater.

90. Tape a few together and use them as a mouse pad.

91. Collect a large mass and detonate a supernova.

92. A wind clacker (similar to a wind chime).

93. Soapdish (remove metal to prevent rusting).

94. Row markers for your vegetable garden. (carrots, beans, peas....)

95. Makes the perfect dance floor for your ant colony.

96. Bread roller (use actual disks and put a rod through center-use about 100).

97. Hot glue gun resting/protecting pad.

98. Baby mobile.

99. Fence (may need a few thousand).

100. Toe tags for mortuaries. Great for identifying dead computer nerds.

101. Wonderbra inserts for that Madonna-techno look.

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