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God in a Box

4-15-02. This essay explores how we have put God in a box.

Good Intentions, Bad Theology

4-21-02. I explore a strange conflict I felt while reviewing a book on doubt.

Volitional Doubt

4-25-02. I have been reviewing a book and it has sparked a few reactions. This one rambles a bit. It has some good seeds in it that I will have to look at extracting to a more suitable place.

As A Little Child

4-28-02. I have always struggled with this phrase, so I've started to tackle it in this piece. I also make a few startling confessions.

Neutering God

5-3-02. I begin a discussion about male and female images of God and Wisdom.


5-10-02. I try to continue the thread started in God in a Box.

A New Trinity

5-21-02. This is a sorting out of some ideas I discussed with my wife about spirituality, religion, and theology.

The Language of Sin

7-6-02. I follow a religious mailing list and there has been some debate about same-sex marriages, but it has evolved into a discussion about sin. Here is my rejection of the traditional 'sin' doctrine.

There is a difference between the experience of God and the explanation of that experience. Explanations are time-wrapped and time-bound.

The theistic definition of God is an immoral idea and an unbelievable idea in the 21st Century.

If you believe in Theism, then you must place responsibility for all tragedies on God.

God and Santa Claus are confused. God as record keeper is strange.

Your problem isn't that you've fallen. Your problem is that you haven't evolved. You don't need rescue, you need empowerment.

Why is it that Churches that claim to have all the answers don't allow questions?

Modern religion is psychological abuse.

All those claims about Truth are nothing but power-making propaganda.

Why do people say "There is only one way to God, My Way" Who says "there is one way to God, and that's his way, that guy over there."

We cant make an image of God because we can't understand God. All words are inadequate. Definitions are idolatry.

We have a distorted vision because we look for God where he isn't.

There is a bias towards consciousness in creation. Creation is wanting to communicate with its creator.

People who convert are not friendly. Conversion of others breeds a sense of superiority over others. Our job is not to impose a definition on people but to empower them.

Being born again means we go back to childhood. We need to grow up.

We describe God in personal terms because they are the only terms we have. The tragedy is that we literalize scripture and use it as a weapon.

The Jewish tradition is our mother, and you don't spit on your mother.

Jesus calls us beyond the power of fear, where the difference between the Jew and Greek, Male and Female, Straight and Gay, disappear. Redemption is about empowerment to grow beyond our insecurities.

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