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Felix Martin Launches 16-string Double-fretboard

Double fretboard wizard and Guitar World fave Felix Martin has dispatched his own guitar organization, FM Guitars, which works in 12, 14 and 16-string models intended for tapping.

Every guitar has one wide neck with two fretboards, with the strings split as 6+6 (12-string), 7+7 (14-string) and 8+8 (16-string).

Martin says the guitars are planned considering tapping ergonomics, yet they can likewise be utilized for conventional guitar methods.

"Playing two guitars all the while opens up a lot more prospects on the guitar," he clarifies, "for example, having the option to play new harmonies, stacked harmonies (close voicings), harmony tune, percussion strategies, double melodic thoughts, new 'shred' procedures, and so on The guitars can likewise be in surround sound to have diverse FXs on each fretboard."

Three models will be accessible from the outset: the lead FM, Strat-roused FMS and Tele-esque FMT, while basses will likewise be produced for the reach, just as a custom guitar capo called 'Chordinero'.

Craftsman including Yas Nomura, Ando San, Hedras and, normally, Felix Martin are as of now playing the instruments, and new models are being worked for Jose Macario, Sarah Longfield and Ichika, among others.

I've been chipping away at dispatching this guitar brand since 2013, however I didn't have the assets," says Martin, who recently played custom instruments from Kiesel Guitars prior to stretching out all alone.

"It at last worked out in 2020 with the help of 15 guitar proprietors earlier the declaration. That is the means by which I at long last began this brand."

Costs start at $1,200 for a 12-string guitar, and specs including scale length and equipment can be redone.

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