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The 22 Trumps On The Tree Of Life

The Major Arcana: The 22 Paths of the Tree of Life and the Tarot


The Tree of Life consists of 10 nodes and 22 pathways between the nodes. For the Major Arcana, we'll focus on the 22 pathways. We'll discuss the nodes in the next section of the article when we talk about the Minor Arcana.

The paths connecting one node to another are paths represent the lessons learned on one's journey or the spiritual requirements needed to traverse to the next node. Collectively, these 22 paths are known as the Path of the Serpent and represent the journey of the seeker that longs to return to the divine. As the serpent travels along this path, it also undergoes the healing of the spirit. One treads the Path through conscious self-development of one's internal world.

If you're already well versed in tarot, you may already know that the Major Arcana reflects something known as the Fool's Journey. The 22 paths of the Tree of Life are just another lens through which to see the Fool's Journey. These cards tell the story of humanity�s spiritual evolution into enlightenment and individuation, or in allegorical terms, they represent the return of the soul from matter to the divine through conscious cultivation of the self. If you're familiar with Labyrinthos' philosophy regarding tarot, this will all sound very familiar to you.


The Paths of the Tree of Life and Tarot Major Arcana

The Major Arcana and the Path of the Serpent Correspondences are detailed in the table below.

      Tarot Card                             Letter                             Meaning                             Symbolic Meaning

  • Fool                                     Aleph                                    Ox                                        Primal Energy
  • Magician                             Beth                                   House                                  Temple, Attention
  • High Priestess                   Gimel                                  Camel                            Lifting Up, Unconscious
  • Empress                            Daleth                                  Door                              Pathway, Nourishment
  • Emperor                               He                                   Window                                Vision, Reasoning
  • Hierophant                          Vau                               Hook, Nail                             Connections, Secure
  • Lovers                                 Zayin                                 Sword                                Discernment, Cut Off
  • Chariot                                Chet                             Field, Fence                               Separate, Enclose
  • Strength                              Tet                             Serpent, Twist                                    Surround
  • Hermit                                 Yod                             Closed Hand                                   Deed, Work
  • Wheel of Fortune              Kaph                             Open Hand                                  Cover, Grasp
  • Justice                                Lamed                            Goad, Staff                                  Prod, Tongue
  • Hanged Man                      Mem                                  Water                                Overpower, Reversal
  • Death                                  Nun                                Fruit, Fish                           Sprouting, Activity, Life
  • Temperance                    Samech                           Tent, Prop                               Support, Doctrine
  • Devil                                    Ayin                                    Eyes                                 Experience, Knowledge
  • Tower                                  Phe                           Throat, Mouth                                 Speak, Word
  • Star                                    Tzaddi                                  Hook                                     Honesty, Harvest
  • Moon                                 Quoph                         Back of Head                                Hidden, Behind
  • Sun                                      Resh                                    Face                                  Redemption, Highest
  • Judgement                          Shin                                   Tooth                                   Consume, Destroy
  • World                                  Tav                                Sign, Cross                              Covenant, Seal, Truth

Image of The 22 Trumps On The Tree Of Life