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Arcana Of The Tree (solari)

Tarot Review Of L'albero Della Vita E Della Conoscenza (tree Of Life And Knowledge)

Tarot utilizing the picture of the Tree of Life and Knowledge in its different settings - from the Fool as the Biblical Tree of Jesse, High Priestess as Axis Mundi, and with the relationship of creature structures to the tree.

The complete name of this deck is Gli Arcani dell L'Albero della Vita e della Conoscenza or The Arcana of the Tree of Life and Knowledge or The Arcana of the Tree of Life and Knowledge.

Ernesto Solari is an Italian art teacher who utilizes current workmanship to show Qabalistic principles. The pictures for this deck were propelled by a huge Byzantine mosaic found inside an old Italian basilica in Otranta. This deck utilizes modern workmanship to outline Qabalistic views.

Artist: Ernesto Solari

Printed: Italy

Published: 1997(paintings) 1999

Card Dimensions: 150mm x 105mm

Image of Arcana Of The Tree (solari)