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Cabalistic Tarot

Cabalistic Tarot

A collection of all these sciences, as a tribute to the invisible masters who drew the evolutionary plan of the race of the West through all these methods, the Tarot of Marseille Cabalistic and Astrological has been realized in which correspondences, affinities, knowledge, and powers of sacred knowledge are available to every scholar and a true seeker of truth" J. A. Portela.

Each card of the Cabalistic Tarot of Portela contains various symbologies that relate. Among these, the representation of the arcane according to the tradition of the Tarot of Marseille, the symbols that relate corresponds to the sphere of the tree of cabalistic life and its path, the Hebrew letter, and its numbering, the number of the arcane and the astrological symbol. The Tarot of Marseille Cabalistic and Astrological is a collection of tarot whose edition is discontinued.

Author: J.A. Portela

Number of Cards: 78.

Language: English, French, and Spanish.

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