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Celtic Tarot (gaudenzi)

The Celtic Tarot (Gaudenzi)

This Celtic Tarot deck comprises 78 cards in addition to a pamphlet with directions in multi-languages.

Only 250 copies around the world for the collector's version of this deck.

Enter this world loaded with dreams and fantasies with this awesome Tarot reflected in Celtic culture.

Fomori, Danann's Tuatha, Ulaid, Fianna ... these are the names of the relatives of the primary saints and they are the ones who talk in the legends of the Celts. These letters talk about the endeavors of the ancients.

The close relationship with the otherworldly elements of nature was as of late rethought. The Celtic Tarot takes us on a brilliant excursion through images and legends that consistently stay contemporary.

I Tarocchi Celtici. Giacinto Gaudenzi created the Majors in pen and watercolor while Saverio Tenuta created the Minors digitally.

Without a doubt a Tarot with incredible stories and having an extraordinary visual appearance.

Name: Celtic Tarot

Alternate Names: I Tarocchi Celtici, Celtic Tarots

Creators: Giacinto Gaudenzi, Saverio Tenuta

Publisher: Lo Scarabeo 2000

Cards: 78

Major Arcana: 22

Minor Arcana: 56

Card Dimensions: 2.60 x 4.72 in.

Includes: Little white booklet

Image of Celtic Tarot (gaudenzi)