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The Book Of Doors Divination Deck

This tarot deck is a mix of the Emerald Tablet which shrouds the mystery of change, and the Magic Square of Pythagoras, which gives the reason for the numbering of the Neteru, or universe. The book gives the content of the Emerald Tablet (speculative chemistry), just as Neter, Number, and Sound (Pythagoras), with captivating notes on the sound and importance of the symbolic representations. The divination technique depends on the Tetractys, a course of action of the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 masterminded in a triangle. This is a ten-card format. Every one of the 65 cards is completely portrayed. In the index, this framework is contrasted with the major arkanas of the tarot. There is additionally an eight-sided die (appears as though two pyramids with their bases remained together), which, as we should all know, is an old-style Greek strong. 

The portrayal of the backs of these cards delineates a progression of entryway-like openings receding away from us, finished with dark and yellow-ish outlines. In the middle, a blue scarab with what resembles a blue and yellow sun in its grip. 

This is a framework intended to be utilized with incredible consideration - with accentuation on the sacrosanct when working with divination, contemplation, and mysterious summons and inspiration. It is intended to go about as an entryway to the voices of old Egypt, much as Tarot goes about as an entryway to the models that it addresses. The Neteru as introduced here address their advancement over the ages - some converging with others, some disappearing, some going to the front line of their time.

This is a deck of eights. There are eight families, each with eight cards. The families: 

Tepi-Aui-Un, the group of Eight Primordials 

Pet, the group of Heaven 

Aakhut, the group of Fire 

Aah, the group of the Moon 

Ra, the group of the Sun 

Nef, the group of the Wind 

Ta, the group of Earth 

Duat, the group of Duat 

Notwithstanding these 64 cards, there is one extra: Neter Neteru, a declaration of the supreme, with no number, like the Brahman of Vedic practice.

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