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Australian Contemporary Dreamtime Tarot

Based on aboriginal art forms from the result of the author's experiences in the Kimberley region of Australia in 1960. The 78 cards in the Australian Dreamtime Tarot bear little visual resemblance to a standard tarot deck. Cards renamed and numbered using a primitive counting device using different-sized dots. For example, the Tower is 'Bibaringa' and has three large dots for three fives and one small dot. The deck has been done in pen outlines colored with watercolors. The suits are Swords or Muggils (stone knives), Rods are Kundas (decorated digging sticks/staffs), Cups are Coolamons (carrying containers) and Discs are Wariats (sacred totem stones).

I would recommend this deck to collectors as a novelty or art deck, just because it is so unique and beautiful. For those who have an interest in ethnic cultures and are willing to do a bit of background reading, learning this system will provide a steep learning curve and gives very insightful results, especially for readings on self-development or balance issues.

Cards: 78

Card Dimensions: 120mm x 80mm

Creators: Keith Courtenay-Peto, Daicon Courtenay-Peto

Image of Australian Contemporary Dreamtime Tarot