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History Of Egyptian Tarot Decks

By the mid-eighteenth century, the otherworldly applications for tarot cards had spread from Italy to different parts of Europe. In France, author Antoine Court de G´┐Żbelin attested that the tarot depended on a blessed book composed by Egyptian ministers and brought to Europe by Gypsies from Africa. Truly, tarot cards originated before the presence of Gypsies in Europe, who really came from Asia instead of Africa.

As an arrangement of mysterious significance and obscure direction, Tarot was constrained underground in Medieval Europe. Camouflaging the Tarot as a game was a method of empowering practitioners to proceed with its use without abuse. It was known as 'The Devil's Picture Book' by the Christian Church and blasphemers utilizing it were executed. This is the reason records are sketchy and the Tarot appears to just reemerge at specific occasions. Those up to date consistently utilized it, however subtly in the event that they expected to.

Aleister Crowley wrote in 'The Book of Thoth: A short exposition on the Tarot of the Egyptians' (OTO 1944): 'the beginning of Tarot is very insignificant, regardless of whether it was sure. It should stand or fall on its own benefits.'

In contrast to Crowley, many are worried about Tarot inceptions and among these antiquarians, practitioners, healers, spiritualists, and authors there are numerous who accept the appropriate responses do lie solidly in Ancient Egypt. The Theosophers, following on from Madame Blavatsky and her exemplary work 'The Secret Doctrine (1888) are the elective Egyptologists, essayists that incorporate John Gordon and Katy Noura Butler who declare that Ancient Egypt is older than we might suspect and that the Ancient Egyptians watched the insight and information on Atlantis."

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