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The I Ching Cards (holitzka/holitzka)

I Ching Cards

Stunning I Ching cards featured in the style of classic Chinese paintings. A truly unique work that offers beautiful watercolors accented with gold and black. Penetrate the eternal wisdom of China through the keys of the I-Ching with this extraordinary tarot that will undoubtedly pass as one of the works of the I Ching of the best.

In this deck, artist Klaus Holitzka has tried to capture the spirit of the I Ching using the style of classical Chinese watercolor paintings. The I Ching is an ancient Chinese oracle based on 64 hexagrams of 6 lines each. The meaning of each hexagram is drawn from the unique configuration of its lines. Each card shows one hexagram, an illustrative drawing, and the card's number in a red rectangle. A red circle also appears on every card. There are no titles although keywords are given in the instruction booklet. This booklet provides fairly detailed interpretations and suggestions. Traditionally, the I Ching is consulted by using coins or yarrow stalks. With this deck, you draw two cards and compare them.

Author: Holitzka

Cards: 64

Card Dimensions: 2 7/8" x 4 7/8"

Includes: Brochure with instructions

Language: English.

Image of The I Ching Cards (holitzka/holitzka)