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Paris Tarot

Produced in the early 17th century, this deck may be the oldest surviving complete deck with counterparts to modern trumps currently available to us, kept in the Bibliotheque National de France. It is all the more regularly known as the mysterious tarot of Paris because the name of the original master card maker doesn't show up on the cartouche of the Two of Denier. 

This tarot can be considered abnormal because it is very not the same as the typical type of the tarot of Marseilles, customarily the most notable and widespread. Regardless of whether it shares a few focuses practically speaking with the tarot of Vievile, a portion of the little-known majors are different. 

One may expect that the interest of this tarot is restricted to this point and that it is just important to a limited circle of antiquated tarot card authorities. Notwithstanding, a mindful assessment of the obscure majors uncovers an astounding intricacy. For example, the obscure XVI "LAFOVLDRE" shows up particularly upsetting: through a magma of yellow, red, blue-green, and the shade of tissue, we can make out, in the smidgen of white of the card, an elf.

- Tarocchi Francesi (The Anonymous Tarot de Paris) Restored by Il Museo dei Tarocchi

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