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Trades And Sights Of Milan

MESTIERI E VEDUTE DI MILANO, originally created by Ferdinando Gumppenberg, 1820. This deck is a Limited Edition by Vito Arienti produced in 1982, very scarce.

An uncommon and limited version (of 1000; 500 for U.S. circulation) of Mestieri E Vedute Di Milano by Vito Arienti, distributed by Il Solleone and made in Italy. This Italian deck of the 19th Century tarot is a more modest and smaller tarot card collection. This limited edition tarot version of 1000 incorporates the container, guide booklet, slipcase, and tarot cards. The 78 cards in the deck have beautiful vintage drawings.

Author: Vito Arienti

Number of Cards: 78

Card Dimensions: 95 mm x 50 mm

Includes: Guide booklet

Language: Italian

Image of Trades And Sights Of Milan