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Vertigo Tarot Deck

Based on the comic books published under Vertigo by DC Comics is one of the darkest and stunning gothic theme decks in recent years. The artwork is a digital collage and digitally modified photographs from artist Dave McKean who's style from his Sandman works is widely known.

The packaging for this deck and book set has one of the best presentations, from the large box that encases the deck, to the inside where there are separate cubbies for the deck and a hardcover book. The cards are slightly oversized, which might make them difficult to shuffle. The card material is quite thin with a semi-gloss finish, still a nice feel in the hands though. In the end, this deck is nicely done and the quality shows through.

For the fans and collectors of Vertigo comics and Dave McKean, it is well worth the effort to search for this hard-to-find deck.

Name: Vertigo Tarot

Creators: Dave McKean

Cards: 78

Publisher: DC Comics

Image of Vertigo Tarot Deck