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Slaying The Beast Before The Election Is Cancelled

From the Streets of Little Beirut

By Glen Yeadon

With the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary behind us, the presidential election year cycle is about to kick into full gear. The torrent of campaign ads, photo ops, handshaking, and flag-waving events are about to be unleashed on the public. Ordinary given the current dismal economic state and the high unemployment the incumbent could count on being unceremoniously booted out of the office with his party taking a drubbing in congressional and statehouse races.

However, this is no ordinary time or election cycle. There are dark storm clouds already gathering on the horizon. A storm of epic proportions is about to occur, a storm so violent that it could destroy the citadel of democracy and freedom. This storm does not come from foreign terrorists. Rather the threat comes from within by a regime that has already demonstrated that it has nothing but contempt for democracy, the election process, and justice.

The Bush administration is guilty of so many crimes that they don�t dare give up the grips of power. The seriousness of their crimes rivals those brought to trial at Nuremberg. Every single senior member of this administration is guilty of war crimes, warmongering, and crimes against humanity. Moreover, they are guilty of other crimes ranging from mass murder, influence peddling, self-enrichment, and a myriad of other crimes. Conviction on any one of numerous charges would result in a death sentence or at the very least life in prison. Thus as Bush continues to slip in the polls the likelihood of the election being canceled increases.

Never in over 200 years of history has an election faced a greater danger of being canceled by the incumbent in a desperate move to maintain power. However, this coup has been carefully planned and executed thus far. If the election looks increasing out of Bush�s grasp, all he needs do is declare a red alert before election day. The red alert could be in response to an attack provoked by the Bush administration such as a violation of North Korea�s air space to provoke them into lobbing a nuclear device at the west coast or just another politically motivated alert with no real threat eminent.

Under a red alert, everyone is confined to their homes. Anyone caught outside their homes is considered a terrorist and a threat to national security. Under such conditions, it would be easy for the Bush administration to round up opposition leaders and send them to concentration camps that already exist. Bush�s daddy signed the bill creating additional concentration camps while he was president. As indicated earlier, this plot has been well planned. The orange alerts in the past have served as trial runs in preparation just as the threat to close the Canadian border at Christmas time was a trial balloon to gauge the opposition to such a move.

Whether real or not the red alert would effectively cancel the election under a cloud of plausibility. A large number of people would naively believe the threat was real. With the opposition hauled off to the camps and held incommunicado, a delayed election would assure Bush of victory.

While such a plot may seem preposterous to many, there have been other such plots in the past. Bush senior in fact threaten congress twice with martial law, once during the Church Committee hearings (back off or face martial law) and again during the height of Iran/Contra hearings. The military has carried out exercises in executing Garden Plot and Cable Splicer. Both operations involve rounding up opposition leaders in an event of a national emergency and transporting them to transient detention centers from which they are shipped to concentration camps. Lists of the various people to be rounded up have been rumored to exist.

President Kennedy killed another such plot named Operation North Woods. North Woods was a plot designed during the Eisenhower administration to drum up support for a war with Cuba. The operation considered several options: shooting down an airliner, dropping a nuclear bomb on an American city, and the sinking of American ships. Cuba would then be blamed for the incident, which would then serve to justify an invasion of Cuba.

Going further back in time, Abraham Lincoln had his chief antagonist in congress arrested for treason. After being found guilty in a kangaroo court the former congressman was deported.

There are three unmistakable characteristics of a police state. The federal or state police serve the interest of the government rather than the interest of the people. The police enforce the policies of the government instead of responding primarily to criminal behavior. Finally, the police spy on private citizens. All these conditions exist today in the United States.

Bush is a petty little man with a mean vindictive streak. He exposed Valerie Plame as a CIA agent because her husband dismissed the yellowcake story from Niger as false. Bush has charged O�Neill with publishing secrets in his book that reveals the Bush administration was planning to invade Iraq from the first day he took office. Even this writer�s website is under intense scrutiny by the Department of Justice, CIA, and the Department of Defense for its anti-Bush stance. This morning there were five visits from the Department of Defense before 7 AM Pacific Time.

Executive orders are already in place that would allow Bush to seize all private property including your home and car in an event of a national emergency such as a red alert. The plans for taking over the country and turning it into another third-world banana republic hellhole have been carefully laid over the years since WWII.

There is another reason for the desperation of the Bush administration besides their crimes to retain power by any means. This election is perhaps their last chance to impose global fascism cloaked under the disguise of free trade. In such a state of global corporate feudalism governments only exist to protect corporations and enforce their policies, individuals would have no rights. Bush and his top advisors have had plenty of time to work out the details of this plot. The core group of his top advisors first worked together under Nixon. Since then they have had ample time working together quietly in other Republican administrations.

The fascist state has been the goal of the Republican Party ever since the 1930s. During the 1930s, the Republican Party paid for various Nazi broadcasts and even was hired to run reelection campaigns. With the single exception of Eisenhower, every Republican president and vice president since the end of WWII has been connected with aiding Nazi war criminals or Hitler�s Third Reich. In his farewell address, Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex, the cornerstone for fascism in the United States.

Bush�s family connections with the Nazis span over 70 years and 3 generations, 4 if George Walker is considered. Prescott Bush helped arm the Third Reich and had several corporations seized from him for trading with the enemy both during the war and immediately after the war. George Bush, the poppy was responsible for setting up the ethnic heritage groups within the Republican Party. These groups are havens for ex-Nazi quislings and the groups were established as a reward for their help in reelecting Nixon.

A second term for Bush would be disastrous for the country. Bush would be free of any constraints imposed by a reelection campaign. He would plunge the country into record deficits and engage the country in more imperialistic wars for oil. As early as mid-summer last year, military commanders speaking off the record considered any orders from Washington politically motivated. At the same time, more good men died as the result of those politically motivated orders. A full investigation of the Iraq War is needed.

No bid contracts were awarded to Halliburton, Cheney�s old firm, and Bechtel, a retirement home of sorts for right-wing Republicans. Halliburton has been accused of overbilling for meals it served, billing for more meals than actually served. Meanwhile, the Oregon National Guard units have reported going hungry. In short, those guardsmen went hungry so Cheney�s retirement fund could be padded a little deeper. Finally from the words of a front line grunt outlines some of the problems. "I want to say that I am extremely mad that Halliburton and Bechtel have better equipment than our own troops do. The contractors have fully armored Hummers and the best body armor. They have us escort them in our lightly armored Humvees and they ride in heavily armored vehicles. That is bullshit and every American needs to know about it."

Besides Bush�s abolishment of overtime pay, workers could expect the abolishment of the minimum wage and the forty-hour week. Unemployment would be kept high to hold down wages and ensure an adequate supply of cheap labor for the corporate elite. Unions would likely be outlawed and abolished.

Our freedoms would be sharply curtailed and subject to draconian regulation. National identity cards would be required. D Martial law with the arrest and detention of activists in concentration camps would become a national policy. Dissent of any type would be against the law and vigorously prosecuted by kangaroo courts. In fact, one would need to look no further than South American countries for what a second term for Bush would be like. Such countries as Chile under Pinochet or Argentina during its dirty little war would be the model. After all, the same group of fascists that is behind Bush trained these regimes and even approved of their death squads and the disappearances. In fact, we even have Henry Kissinger�s word on it in recently declassified documents concerning Argentina. No wonder, Kissinger is now considered a war criminal by several countries. Moreover, Kissinger was Bush�s first choice to head the investigation committee for 9-11. The reasons for that appointment should be very clear, Henry is an expert whitewasher.

Be wary of any media reports. The media is heavily censored and biased in favor of Bush. It stands ready at his beckoning call and has already ship wreaked the Howard Dean campaign because Dean had the courage to stand up and say he would break up the media monopolies.

The one thing that is certain is Bush will have a plan in place to overturn the election in case he misjudges the election just as he did in the 2000 election. Proof of such a plan appeared in an article in the New York Daily News on Nov. 1, 2000, six days before the election. The article quoted A Bush aide as "The one thing we don't do is roll over --- we fight." The jest of the article reported "the core of the emerging Bush strategy assumes a popular uprising, stoked by the Bushcamp. In league with the campaign --- which is preparing talking points about the Electoral College's essential unfairness --- a massive talk-radio operation would be encouraged." Going further the Bush aide was quoted as "We'd have ads, too, and I think you can count on the media to fuel the thing big-time. Even papers that supported Gore might turn against him because the will of the people will have been thwarted. Local business leaders will be urged to lobby their customers, the clergy will be asked to speak up for the popular will and Team Bush will enlist as many Democrats as possible to scream as loud as they can."

The reader should pay close attention to the 9-11 investigation between now and the election. The Bush administration is doing everything possible to derail and delay the report since they are guilty of allowing it to occur. It is clear that the Bush administration had information about the plot as early as mid-summer when Bush attended the WTO meeting in Italy. The city was ringed with a missile defense system before his visit, a highly unusual security precaution never before taken to protect a president. Note the hotel Bush stayed at in Florida on the eve of 9-11 was also protected by a missile defense system. That was the first and only time such a precaution was taken for a president traveling within the United States.

Furthermore, it is clear that Bush ordered the air force to stand down on 9-11. It has been standard procedure for the FAA to contact Norad to launch fighter interceptors whenever radio or radar contact with a plane is lost or when a plane deviates by more than five miles from its flight plan. When the golfer, Payne Stewart�s plane failed to make the required change in course from the control tower, two fighter jets were alongside the plane within fifteen minutes. FAA regulations are very clear on the point of calling Norad. Even in case of doubt the regulations read call Norad. Prior to 9-11 in 2001 approximately sixty intercepting missions were conducted by Norad for flights that had failed to respond or deviated from their flight plan. Only the president had the authority to order Norad and the air force to stand down.

The Bush administration's excuse that no fighters were available on 9-11 was just another lie unless one is fool enough to believe that the air force was so short of planes that it had to leave two-thirds of the eastern seaboard without fighter protection including the White House. Moreover, there were numerous bases numbering over twenty that could have dispatched fighters to intercept the hijackers in time to prevent destruction to the second tower and the pentagon. Those interceptors are on standby 24 hours a day and are operated by both guard and reserve units as well as active-duty units.

Yes, reader, you should be very afraid and wary of the election and any further terrorist alerts. The beast of Nazism rose out of the ashes of 9-11 like a giant legendary phoenix. Hitler�s enabling act is already in place in the form of the Patriotic Act. Don�t count on an election taking place in November, be vigilant.

It's imperative that the beast of Nazism be slain and the Fuehrer Bush removed from power to face trial for war crimes. Your freedom and existence depend on it.

For additional information on the Nazi, menace click the following URL.

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