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Glen Yeadon's "the Nazi Hydra "

Provocative and highly controversial, The Nazi Hydra In America presents an overview of the fascist influence in America. While Eisenhower's troops defeated The Third Reich on the battlefields of Europe, the war against fascism was lost on the home front, to the same cadre of American elitists who built Hitler's war machine. At the center of this small confederacy, two firms stand out: Brown Brothers & Harriman, and Sullivan & Cromwell. At the very eye of this oligarchy, one family name stands above all others. Spanning over 80 years and 4 generations, the Bush family has chosen to ally themselves with the Nazi element at home and abroad, ever willing to advance the Nazi agenda of global corporatism.



John Grombach headed another Nazi-infested organization with close ties to this group. Grombach a former G2 officer recruited former Nazi SS officers, Hungarian Axis Quislings, and Russian nationalists. His network of former Nazis produced intelligence offerings for the State Department, the CIA, and corporations. Grombach�s operation originally began as a G2 operation to rival the CIA but soon evolved beyond that. Although much of Grombach�s funding did come from the United States government, he received a large amount of funding from N. V. Philips Gloeilampenfabrieken corporation of the Netherlands and its American affiliate, Philips North America. One of Grombach�s prized assets was Karl Wolff, a major war criminal.

Grombach had visions of grandeur with his eye on holding the position of Director of the CIA. High on his list of political targets were those that implemented President Truman�s containment policy. Grombach viewed people such as George Kennan and Charles Bohlen as too soft on communism. He found ready allies in McCarthy and Jenner. By the 1950s, Grombach and his network of Nazis specialized in gathering dirt. He would then leak the smears to his political allies. The chief beneficiary being Joe McCarthy.

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