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Censorship: The Bush Junta Raids The Library

From the Streets of Little Beirut

By Glen Yeadon

Most Americans despise censorship. It is alien to our very nature and is an assault on our freedoms and liberty. Yet more and more Americans are now turning to

foreign news sites on the internet for the truth about today�s world events especially concerning the war with Iraq. We no longer trust the current regime, network news, or major papers to deliver the truth. We know that the media are nothing more than the mouthpiece of the Bush regime. In short, Americans in increasing numbers

are taking notice, that the media are censored and are propagandizing the news. A good example comes from the presidential inauguration ---err---better make that

the appointment of George Bush as f�hrer in January 2001. I was struck by how frequently Dan Rather used the terms "peaceful transition of power" during the

broadcast. Everyone recognized the lie; it was not a peaceful transition of power it was a velvet coup; the election had been stolen.

. Since then, despite looking like buffoons, the media still cite the non-existing evidence of this regime�s claims of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. They fail to

report that truth; they failed to report that this administration tore out over a thousand pages of the UN report. Those missing pages implicated American

corporations that had supplied Iraq with equipment to produce weapons of mass destruction. Included in that list was Halliburton, which supplied millions of dollars

of equipment under the direction of former CEO Dick Cheney. Now, thanks to the foreign press, we know that defense minister Rummy was a board member

of ABB when it approved sales of nukes to North Korea.

CIA censorship and media propagandizing was supposed to have stopped in the mid- 1970s after the Church Committee investigated the CIA�s Project

Mockingbird. At the time, every major media outlet was infected with Mockingbird. Coexisting with Project Mockingbird was an FBI operation named

COINTELPRO. COINTELPRO was successful in destroying not only leftist groups but also more importantly the press of the left. The rampart was a major target

eliminated by COINTELPRO. In one short decade, the alternative press had been wiped out.

In any other country, such operations as the Great Red Scare of 1919, McCarthyism, and COINTELPRO would be considered purges. One of the factors that

brought Hitler to power was the repressive purging of leftist groups in Germany during the 1920s. The same factor is responsible for the presence of the current

regime in the White House. COINTELPRO eliminated any voices on the left. Things have progressed to such a sad state of affairs in the media that in response to a

question by a French reporter, the propaganda minister of this regime was laughed out of the briefing room. However, that is all the American media did: it laughed;

it failed to report the truth or the web of lies Ari was trying to spin.

Since America�s Reichstag�s Fire of 9/11, this administration has passed the extremely repressive Patriotic Act. It is now trying to pass an even more repressive act.

Both acts allow the government unrestricted spying on its citizens. Your records at the library and the local bookstore are open to federal investigators, no search

warrants are needed. Furthermore, the library and bookstore are prohibited from informing you that your records were checked. In fact, yesterday�s news carried an

article of a public defender in New Mexico, who was arrested in a library for remarks he made about this current regime in an online chat room.

This brings us to the topic of this article and a second hidden form of censorship. Four and half years ago I started writing a book about fascism in America. For

much of the background information, I relied on already published works. Most of the works were out of print but easily obtained in the used-book market. About

two years ago I started having problems obtaining certain books: they were either prohibitively expensive or simply not available at any price. Since that time, I have

encountered over twenty books that are no longer available. At least one independent bookstore owner is on record stating that many of these books are being

bought up by the hundreds and shipped to Langley.

This second form of censorship is taking place unnoticed by the public, only a few researchers are aware of it. What follows is a shortlist of some of the books that

are now disappearing and the results of searching the Advanced Book Exchange. For those, not familiar with Advanced Book Exchange it is a site for all

independent bookstores worldwide to list their stock.

  • The Plot to Seize the White House - Archer-1972 - 2 copies available - $100 and $175
  • Martin Bormann: Nazi In Exile - Manning - 1981 - 3 copies available $175 to $388
  • Secret Agenda - Hunt - 1991 - 2 copies - $100 to $150.
  • Trial of the Octopus -� Goddard - 1993 - $87 to $750
  • The History of Standard Oil Company - Tarbell - 1966(last printing) - $135 to $950
  • The Secret Society - Anthony Cave Brown - none available
  • All Honorable Men - Martin - none available
  • Secret Man - Dux - 1996 - 9 available $70 to $125
  • A Century of War - Engdahl - none available
  • Tragedy and Hope - Quigley - both printings - 14 available $50 to $250
  • The Third Option - Shackley - 1981 - none available

This writer has a copy of Secret Agenda that he purchased about four years ago for less than $20. When I first started writing my book, both Bormann and All

Honorable Men were widely available for less than thirty dollars. Tragedy and Hope were for a long time unavailable for less than $300. The printer broke the plates

to prevent further distribution. However, it has since undergone a second printing, but only after a lawsuit by the author. The Secret Society has been to the printer

for seven times, only to have the printing run canceled. It is the third part of the author�s study of Bill Donovan�s life and his role in the OSS. The reader should note

that many of these books were printed in the 1990s. All of the books above are regarded as classics by experts in the field and were widely circulated and sold.

The list above is only a partial list of books that this writer has found to be unavailable. What was a trickle four and half years ago when I first started writing my

book is fast turning into a torrent? Books dealing with the darker side of the CIA and America�s right-wing association with fascism are disappearing at an alarming

rate from the shelves of libraries. This form of censorship is going unnoticed by the public. This Orwellian nightmare is occurring today. If allowed to continue in a

few short years the library shelves will be barren of factual works that took dedicated writers years to research while incriminating files from the government archives

can be burned.

There is no question of the Bush family�s allegiance to Nazism. George Jr�s grandpappy, Prescott had three companies seized from him for trading with the enemy

during the war. He served as Hitler�s US banker. George, Jr�s daddy was the man responsible for setting up the pro-Nazi ethnic heritage groups in the Republican

Party. George Jr. indicated early on that his regime would not support a hard line for settlement with the Jews that perished under the Third Reich.

We had an early glimpse of what George Jr�s views were on our freedoms when during the election campaign he said there ought to be limits on them. He was

referring to a website that reported the facts. We have another glimpse as to how ruthless Jr. and the junta behind him are when they stopped the publication of a

book that was less than kind to him, Jim Hatfield�s Fortunate Son. The Bush propaganda machine worked overtime to destroy the author until St Martins dropped

publishing the book. Hatfield himself was driven to suicide by an unrelenting and ruthless attack on his character after a small secondary publisher agreed to publish

the book. In short, an example was made of Hatfield for all that may follow.

As for myself, I will continue with my book as research dictates. I will continue to make available the unedited version of The Nazi Hydra on my website until I am

forced by this regime to do otherwise. The information is too important to quibble about any loss of future sales once I can publish it.

I urge the reader to check the availability of the titles above in their local library and inform themselves. Don�t allow this ruthless regime to rewrite history as

happened in Orwell�s 1984.

To read the Nazi Hydra click here:

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