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A Trinity Of Evil: George Bush, Big Oil, 9-11

From the Streets of Little Beirut

By Glen Yeadon

As more documents concerning 9-11 surface, it is becoming increasingly clear the top officials in the Bush administration were at least complicit if not an active participant in the attacks. There is enough evidence now to bind George W. Bush, big oil companies, and 9-11 into a trinity of evil. By allowing the 9-11 attacks to take place unhindered Bush and all of his top advisers are guilty of the mass murder of over 3000 innocent people.

The official claims of what happened on 9-11 do not account for the events that transpired on 9-11 and raise more questions than they answer.

One event of 9-11 is absolutely clear, the White House ordered the air force to stand down. As evident from the plane crash that killed golfer Payne Stewart. As soon as his plane deviated from its flight path and failed to follow instructions from the control tower the FAA notified NORAD. Within less than 20 minutes fighter planes were alongside Stewart's plane. In 2001 before 9-11, NORAD ordered fighter planes to intercept errant aircraft over 60 times. The FAA rules were clear whenever contact with a plane was lost or a plane failed to follow instructions from the control tower to correct its course, NORAD was to be notified. This regulation was explicitly clear as the regulation contained the clause "whenever in doubt call NORAD."

The Bush administration's claim that no fighters were available is simply laughable. Does anyone believe the most sensitive air corridor within the US was left unguarded? At least 20 bases with fighter planes manned by the National Guard and Air Reserve were within range. To be considered acceptable once a base is notified to scramble their fighters to intercept a plane, the fighters must be airborne in less than 5 minutes. Flying at over Mach speeds the fighters if notified as soon as the first plane deviated from its flight plan all the hijacked aircraft could have been intercepted with the possible exception of the first plane to strike the World Trade Towers.

Obviously, a direct stand-down order would provide a smoking gun. Mike Ruppert's just-released book Crossing the Rubicon provides the evidence that Cheney directed the attacks from a completely separate Command, Control, and Communications system which was superseding any orders issued by the FAA, the Pentagon, or the White House Situation Room. In May, Cheney was put in direct command and control of all wargame and field exercise training and scheduling through several agencies, especially FEMA. This also extended to all the conflicting and overlapping NORAD drills, including some involving hijack simulations that took place on 9-11. Previous reports have pointed out that Cheney argued fiercely with the NORAD command center in Colorado on 9-11. Moreover, the senior officer in charge of NORAD placed an inexperienced officer in charge of the command center shortly before the attacks began and didn't return until after the attacks were over.

Ruppert further proves that the Israeli and British governments acted as partners with the highest levels of the American government to help in the preparation and possibly in the actual execution of the attacks. Such collaboration with the Israeli government is the only explanation for the reported filming of the attacks and the jubilant cheers of the Israelis on top of a van and the sudden abandonment of their office in New Jersey.

Further proof of forehand knowledge of the attack comes from Bush's Florida visit on the day of the attack. Surface to air missiles protected the rooftop of the hotel Bush stayed at overnight. The only other time surface-to-air missiles were used to protect the president was during Bush's visit to the World Trade Organization's meeting in midsummer in Genoa.

There is much more documented information binding the Bush administration with complicity in allowing the attacks to take place unhindered. The largest factor being the Bush's administration opposition to an open investigation. Why would any administration attempt to hinder an investigation if they did not have something to hide? Attempts to hinder an investigation are really an admission of guilt. From the date of 9-11 Bush opposed an investigation and only relented after public pressure demanded one and then spitefully appointed Henry Kissinger to head the investigation. When the appointment of Kissinger broke down Bush appointed Thomas Kean to head the commission. However, Kean was a safe choice for the continuing cover-up. Kean and Bush share an unusually well-placed business partner, Khalid bin Mahfouz. Mahfouz is better known as bin Laden's bagman and brother-in-law.

There is an abundance of evidence suggesting the Bush administration was guilty of mass murder on 9-11. Brother Jeb had the wonderful foresight to declare a state of emergency days before 9-11 in Florida. Ashcroft stopped flying commercial airlines in early August. The pentagon canceled all scheduled flight reservations the day before 9-11. Then there is the physical evidence such as the 16 X 14-foot wide hole in the pentagon before the building partially collapsed. There is no way an airliner the size of a Boeing 757 could fit in such a small hole without leaving debris scattered on the outside. Yet every photo of the area clearly shows no debris. Moreover, photos of the building before the collapse show third and fourth-floor windows unbroken. After the collapse photos show adjacent offices untouched by fire. In one case a first-floor office shows a wooden stool with an open book on top. The pages of the book were not even singed. If the crash had been a Boeing 757 on a cross-continental flight with nearly full fuel tanks the fire would have burned for days and consumed a much larger area. Firefighters and police officers present at the World Trade Towers reported explosions before the collapse of the towers. One photo shows a plume of smoke rising from the ground off to the side of the towers before either tower collapsed as evidence in the DVD In Plane Sight.

Furthermore, there is the claim the black boxes were never recovered from the twin towers. However, this claim is laughable in light of the other claims made by the Bush regime. While the black boxes are designed to withstand high temperatures, heavy impacts, and even saltwater and contain a transponder to help locate them, they were mysteriously destroyed in the collapse of the towers while Mohammed Atta's passport was found. Also, over 400 computer hard drives, which are fragile and cannot withstand heat were recovered and sent to a Convar, German company to recover the financial data.

Additional evidence of forehand knowledge of the 9-11 attacks comes from a gathering of financial executives with offices in the World Trade Towers at Offutt air base in Omaha. The executives arrived in Omaha just in time to see the plane crash into the second trade tower to attend a charity golf event hosted by Warren Buffett, the man that owned the insurance company which covered the World Trade Towers. One of the executives attending the event was Anne Tatlock, chief executive of Fiduciary Trust Co. International. Oddly Buffett isn't known for supporting charities, in fact, he has earned a reputation of being a real tightwad. Moreover, Thomas Kean, the chairman of the 9-11 Investigation Committee used to serve as a director of Fiduciary Trust Co. International. Tatlock also serves as a trustee with James Baker of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Besides owning the company that insured the World Trade Towers, Buffett has several other connections to the events of 9-11. He also owns Net Jets, the company whose plane was tracking Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. In his stable of companies Buffet also is the owner of Flight Safety International Inc, which trained Abdulrahman Al Omar to fly. Omar was one of the hijackers aboard Flight 11. Moreover, Buffett owns Sun Trust, which is the bank that most of the alleged 9/11 hijackers reportedly set up bank accounts with using fake social security numbers.

The odd timing of the arrival of the group of executives with Tatlock indicates they left New York on a redeye special and certainly an odd time for a charity golf event that one would expect to be held in afternoon hours. Could it be more likely that this group of financial executives traveled to Omaha at the request of a meeting with Bush? Offutt is the same airbase that Bush ran to and hid out in the underground bunkers after leaving Florida. It is known that he did meet with others outside the government while he was at Offutt. Were the others Buffett and Tatlock's, group? Bush's itinerary for 9-11 could prove if this meeting with financial executives at Offutt was preplanned.

Another oddity surrounding 9-11 about Flight 93 was a report from one of the passengers seeing gray smoke coming from one of the jet's engines before crashing in Pennsylvania. Bush denies fervently the jet was shot down. However, there has been a report the jetliner was shot down by the 119th Fighter Wing, also known as the Happy Hooligans. It has long been suspected the flight may have been shot down after the passengers regained control of the plane. The damage from the wreckage was spread over far too wide of an area to believe the Bush regime's claim the hijackers dove the plane into the ground. One of the engines was located miles from the main crash site. There is one possibility that has never been mentioned before. If the passengers had regained control of the airliner from the hijackers that would have meant there were live witnesses that could connect the Bush regime in the hijackings. Was Flight 93 deliberately shot down to silence these witnesses?

Finally, why were the top officials in the Bush administration given the powerful anthrax antibiotic Cipro on 9/11 a full month before the first cases of anthrax were reported?

The connection between 9-11 and big oil is obvious. Even before 9-11, Bush had planned on his desk for invading Afghanistan. Without a gas pipeline across Afghanistan Enron's huge gas-fired electrical generating facility in India sets idle. It's also evident in Rumsfeld blaming Iraq for the terrorist attacks on 9-11. Furthermore, an NSC document dated February 3, 2001, surfaced recently which directed the NSC staff to cooperate fully with Cheney's Energy Task Force. The document considered the "melding" of the review of operational policies towards rogue states with actions regarding the capture of new and existing oil and gas fields. Perhaps, the real reason Cheney refuses to release any information from his Energy Task Force is that they were discussing geostrategic plans for oil, placing the decision for war in the hands of the big oil executives. Ruppert's book does a superb job in linking big oil with 9-11 and the resulting wars for oil.

There is no more damaging evidence of Bush's involvement in allowing the 9-11 attacks to take place than the long history of this administration squashing investigations. Before 9-11, Bush stopped an FBI investigation into Saudi Arabians involved with the hijackers. After the attack, two Saudis that had financed the hijackers were allowed to fly back to Saudi Arabia while all other aircraft were still grounded. Besides opposing the 9-11 investigation the Bush administration has silenced or stopped any investigations that have surfaced. Sibel Edwards has been slapped with a gag order. The recent Israeli spy case was exposed deliberately to end the FBI's investigation. Contrary to what the Bush administration tells us a CIA agent has come forward recently and charged the Bush administration has fewer agents investigating bin Laden than before 9-11. Such a long history in opposing and hindering investigations into 9-11 can mean only one thing. This administration has a lot to hide concerning its involvement in 9-11.

With more information surfacing as time goes by it increasing points to 9-11 is a domestic terror operation. This would not be the first time that rogue elements of the government have planned terrorist acts against Americans and American cities. John Kennedy ended the CIA Operation Northwoods, which planned terrorist attacks against Americans and American cities to begin a war with Cuba. The blueprint for the Bush administration has been the Project for a New American Century. That document stressed the need for a Pearl Harbor type of attack in order to begin a world conquest for oil.

As Ruppert has shown the 9-11 attacks involved the British and Israeli governments in the preparation of the attacks and possibly in the execution of the attacks. Ruppert's position is backed additionally by a recent report of a Paris meeting of Al Queda before 9-11. The meeting concerned obtaining funding to further carry out their plans. Present at the meeting was Bush business crony and a member of the Carlyle group. The persistent report of a CIA agent meeting with a hospitalized bin Laden in midsummer may have been part of the planning of the 9-11 attack. Further reports can only implicate the Bush administration's involvement deeper.

As heinous as Bush's complicity in the mass murder of over 3000 victims in the 9-11 attacks it is only the beginning. Bush has already succeeded in turning the US into a police state. Ashcroft is seeking power to classify opponents of this regime as terrorists. With a second term, Bush will succeed in turning America into a fascist state. Will you be on the first trains to the concentration camps? Will you go quietly? Or will you join the resistance and oppose this tinhorn Nazi?

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