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Lost Japanese Treasure Hunting



1) Dumagat Secret treasure 1

cave/waterfalls treasure site full of gold (approx. 300 tons gold)

48 pcs. gold bars were initially hauled by 12 rebels in 1986...all of them have died already except old man Oscar, the lone survivor.

the area was last spotted in Sept. 2004

Dumagat Secret Treasure 2

open cave/cliff wall full of gold (approx. 200 tons)

last spotted by a local native in 2003.

Our 15-man team will try to explore, relocate and retrace this treasured area for this dry season (up to May) or ASAP. Our TARGET SITE: Is found in the middle of a tropical jungle of 30 square kilometers, visibility is 3-5 meters only. TIMETABLE: 1 -2 months exploration.

This is NOT an easy project, we expect it to be DIFFICULT. Imagine we try to comb 30 square kilometers of tropical jungle with visibility of 3-5 meters only 1 or 2 months of exploration. We believe IF THE NATIVES WAS ABLE TO LOCATE THIS TREASURE SITES BEFORE...with our determination, perseverance, sacrifice, and LOTS of prayers...WE CAN DO IT... I believe there will be LOTS OF SKEPTICS AND DETRACTORS...It's okay... it's normal, we understand them...BUT ONLY GOD KNOWS IF WE SUCCEED.........For those who believe in impossible DREAM...this is your chance... please contact GBOY HAPPY HUNTING !!!

Everybody and his sibling know someone who knows somebody aware of gold left by the Japanese. Also, at a cost, they can sell you a guide or show you where it is, or where it use to be. I've lived in the PI and been hitched to a Filipina for nearly 19yrs and we return each 2yrs an extended get-away. Presently is there a ton of gold in the PI? Indeed, do I feel that the Japanese shroud immense measures of gold in at least one place NO. More modest sums in numerous spots? Indeed if by any means. I lived in a town considered Paniqui, Tarlac a town the withdrawing Japanese went through on their way to the mountains of Central Luzon. I've heard stories that in the towns of Moncada and San Miguel an enormous reserve was a stowaway. Also, with somebody to contribute, we as a whole could be enjoying the good life. Try not to misunderstand me now and again there is a decent sum found. Barely to keep the expectations alive. My estimate is if there was a tremendous store of goods it was removed from the country in front of the fall of the Japanese. Remember the Americans didn't assume control over the islands in seven days. Furthermore, any gold found from the conflict it in all probability came from a couple of voracious Japanese officials coating their own pockets. Furthermore, another huge gold chase is for the gold Marcos stole from individuals of the Philippines. So you need to comprehend the Filipinos their actual poor and have valid justification to keep this story alive. They don't have anything else to do yet search for it and dream or get some Joe to pay them to assist them with their fantasy. I trust sometimes their fantasy works out as expected. Only one monitor's assessment! Yet, dreaming isn't that why we look?

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