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Fortune Trackers Say They Have Found 10 Tons Of Nazi Gold

Fortune trackers say they have found 10 tons of Nazi gold worth almost a large portion of a billion pounds that was taken by SS boss Heinrich Himmler toward the finish of WWII to set up a Fourth Reich.

Burrowing for 48 boxes of gold that had a place with the Reichsbank and different assets will get going one week from now in the grounds of a castle utilized by the SS during the conflict as a rest and unwinding focus.

Situated in what is presently the Polish town of Minkowskie a little more than 50 kilometers east of Wroclaw, the fortune trackers say they discovered the plunder utilizing secret records and a fortune map that it got from the relatives of Waffen SS officials having a place with a cryptic hotel that goes back more than 1,000 years.

Among the records is a letter from a senior SS official to one of the young ladies who worked at the royal residence and who later turned into his normal darling.

In the letter, the official, called von Stein, keeps in touch with the lady named Inge: "The leftover 48 hefty Reichsbank's chests and all the family chests I thusly endow to you. Just you know where they are found."

The store of archives additionally incorporates a conflict journal composed by a high-positioning SS official utilizing the pen name which is said to distinguish the area of 11 destinations in the Lower Silesia and Opole districts with reserves of gold, taken workmanship, bank stores, resources and strict ancient rarities.

The journal passage of 12 March 1945 alluding to the fortune in Minkowskie says: "A box has been dove in the orangery, which is a protected "home" for the conveyed chests and holders."

It proceeds: "48 chests from the Reichsbank, in great condition, were covered up, all around covered with earth and "greened" with as yet living plants. Allow fortune to look after us."

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