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Bush Cries Help: Just Say No

From the Streets of Little Beirut

By Glen Yeadon

I have never believed the official Bush Story on 9-11. Then one may ask which one as the Bush administration has issued several contradictory versions of what

really happened. However, now a former member of the poodle's cabinet Michael Meacher has come forth charging Bush with outright treason in allowing 9-11 to

take place after receiving ample forewarning. Meacher continues with his charges of Bush sabotaging the efforts to bring to justice those responsible. I would like to

to say that I feel satisfied and vindicated by Meacher's charges. Nevertheless, I feel no comfort or satisfaction in being vindicated by someone high on the inside. As

Meacher details in his charges the Bush regime is willing to risk charges of treason in order to follow a right-wing extremist plan for America to dominate the world

hereafter. A new world order based on corporate fascism and enforced with great brutality by the United States military. The spoils will go a few hundred of the

world's richest people while the remainder of the world's population suffers in abject poverty.

Getting straight to the point is the refusal by France, Germany, and Russia to approve of the Bush regime's request to the UN's Security Council to pass a resolution

ordering UN troops in Iraq. At the risk of being called cynical, I wholeheartedly agree with those three nations. It's far better to keep the tyrant bogged down in Iraq

than to have other countries send their young men to Iraq for cannon fodder. If other nations agree to send troops to Iraq this will free up American troops. Troops

that the Bush regime will use in another war somewhere in the world.

Now before anyone calls me a traitor; I regard myself as patriotic as the next person but I am not one of those god damn flag-waving storm troopers you see

everyplace Bush visits. I am on the other side of the fence out of view of the cameras protesting. Nor do I relish trading lives. However, when it comes to a few

hundred additional lives lost in Iraq or a few thousand more lives lost in Korea or somewhere else, I will take the devil's choice of the lower number. There is no

good choice here soldiers will die either way.

The document that Meacher was referring to is entitled Rebuilding America's Defenses. The document was drawn up by the ultra-conservative think tank; Project for

the New American Century chaired by William Kristol. The document was drawn up for Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Jeb Bush, and Lewis Libby. All of which with the exception of brother Jeb are part of the current regime. Briefly, the document called for large increases in defense spending

including nuclear weapons, and the repositioning of America's military forces to respond to regions judged critical such as Southeast Asia and Southeast Europe. The

document specifically names North Korea, Iraq, Iran, and Libya as enemies of the United States.

Moreover, the document Meacher referred to was written in September 2000 over a year before 9-11 indicating that the decision to invade Iraq was made at least

a year before 9-11. Documents from Cheney's energy task force indicate that new bids for Iraqi oil fields were asked for six months before 9-11 confirming that the

decision to invade Iraq was made before 9-11.

Perhaps the best summation of the type of thinking that went into this document is the following quotation from the document.

"And advanced forms of biological warfare that can "target" specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a

politically useful tool."

In other words, the authors of this document are stating for the whole world that genocide is a useful political tool. Rather than employ nasty concentration camps as

Hitler these authors are urging the development of a pathogen that would only attack the targeted race and that could be released from a distance. Thus affording this

group a plausible means of denial while allowing them to keep their hand clean from the actual killings. If the reader is somewhat shocked by that revelation, he

should recall that the Bush family has had a long history of being associated with eugenics. Prescott Bush was a leader in the eugenic movement in America during

the 1920s and 1930s. Moreover, Prescott lost his first race for congress over his past views of eugenics. The reader is also reminded that the Nuremberg Laws

handed down by the Nazis setting the stage for the Holocaust came from America. Additionally George Bush senior has worked hard in the eugenics movement

behind the scenes. He specifically targeted the third world. Junior is now following in his grandfather's and father's footsteps.

What Meacher has seen rise out of the ashes of 9-11 like a giant Phoenix is the birth of the Fourth Reich. Meacher now sees that the document, Rebuilding

America's Defenses is a blueprint for future military adventurism by the Bush regime just as Mein Kampf served as a blueprint for the Nazi era. If France, Germany

, and Russia should capitulate and send troops to Iraq then the whole world has sat on its collective ass for the last 70 years and forgotten the lesson of Munich. If the

Bush regime is successful at securing UN troops to use as cannon folders in Iraq then there will be other wars. Wars in which the death tolls will climb into the

hundreds of thousands. Wars using nuclear weapons. Wars that may spread into a global conflict that could end humanity, as we know it. This is the lesson of

Munich---one cannot negotiate with a madman. If anyone doubts that perhaps, they should ask an elderly Czech or Pole they have some firsthand experience in the


Up to this time, the Bush regime of mad dog extremists has done nothing to indicate that they believe in democracy. This is the regime that stole the 2000 election

confirming its contempt for the democratic process and of anyone opposed to them. This is the same regime that has unilaterally decided to violate every treaty the

country has signed in regards to the nuclear issue. They have openly called for the development of new nuclear weapons such as bunker busters. They are hell bent

on resuming nuclear testing. Finally, they have funded the production of plutonium for the production of more devices for bombs. Furthermore, in a dangerous game

of fool's folly, this regime has developed a new aggressive policy towards North Korea. The policy is deliberately designed to provoke North Korea into war.

The mindset of this fascist regime towards negotiations is clearly indicated in the case of North Korea. The Bush junta appointed a mad dog extremist, John R.

Bolton to head up talks with the North Koreans. Bolton's appointment demonstrates clearly that this regime has no intention of negotiating in good faith. The

Koreans banned him from the talks. With North Korea's ability to launch an attack against the west coast, such a deliberately provocative stance leaves west coast

residents as mere pawns in a game of nuclear brinkmanship. There is no question that this junta is deliberately trying to provoke a war with North Korea.

Considering Bush has little chance of gaining a single electoral vote from any west coast state and that his popularity ratings are sinking faster than the Titanic it is

very probable given this regime's past record that Bush would deliberately provoke an attack on the west coast in an effort to declare martial law and to cancel the

upcoming election.

Nor is Korea the only example of the Bush regime's lack of good faith in negotiations. Before the Iraqi invasion, the Bush junta sought support from the United

Nations. Once it was clear that the United Nations' support was not forthcoming, the administration started demonizing the UN. They called the UN irrelevant and

ineffectual. For France's refusal to send troops to Iraq, acting like spoiled three-year-old brats with a dirty diaper they demonized France and started calling French

Fries freedom fries. Germany's refusal to send troops was met with an even more vindictive response---ordering the CIA to undermine the current German

government. This is the same regime that opposed the world court and pressured Belgium to reverse its war crimes legislation.

From Iraq, there are numerous reports of civilians being killed with no reports being filed of the incidents. There are also reports from Iraq of reporters being

deliberately targeted and killed for what they know and have seen. There are numerous reports on prisoners being mistreated. Also from Iraq, there is a report of a

tank equipped with a plasma weapon that can reduce a bus to a spot of molten metal in seconds. From Afghanistan, there are reports of the wholesale murder of

thousands of prisoners apparently with the explicit approval of the US forces present at the slaughter. Camp X-Ray violates all the standards of the Geneva

Convention. Even England has protested the treatment of their citizens held there.

Domestically more freedoms and liberties have been lost under this regime than in the 200 plus years of the existence of the nation. Our freedoms and liberties are

not under attack by a foreign foe or terrorist group, they are being brutally assaulted by the current regime of Bush. The attorney general has violated a court

ordered gag rule to prejudice a case in their favor stemming from 9-11. Major union strikes have been met with threats from this administration to curtail the strike

and to use military personnel as replacement workers. Political opponents find themselves on the no-fly list at airports. Even the slightest refusal to go along with this

regime is met with vindictive measures. Such as the case of the former ambassador that revealed the Nigeria uranium story was a hoax. The administration exposed

his wife as a CIA agent. Reports suggest this was the work of Carl Rove. A very recent report claims Rove holds dual citizenship and that his name really is Rover

the grandson of Carl Rover, a Nazi who believed that the Nazis were not brutal enough.

When the leaders of Europe and the UN meet to discuss sending troops to Iraq they must remember that the hands of the clock have been turned back to Munich

1938. It is understood that behind the scenes the leaders of Europe are facing extreme pressure and are being offered incredible bribes to comply with the request.

However, they must realize they are dealing with a madman and a regime full of lunatics that are willing to risk nuclear war for their own personal gain. As long as the

Bush junta stays bogged down in a Vietnam quagmire of its own making, the safer the world will be. Domestic pressure is already mounting for his removal. If

Europe says yes to the troop request then Europe will soon face a more agonizing decision and a new war. Just ask a Czech or Pole.

Europe must say no.

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