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Impeachment Is Not Enough

From the Streets of Little Beirut

By Glen Yeadon

By now it's clear to everyone, that Bush lied to Congress about weapons of mass destruction. He lied to the American people. He had aides lie to the United Nations. He lied about the connection between Iraq and bin Laden. He lied about Nigeria. He lied about chemical and biological weapons. He lied about the underlying reasons to wage war. He lied blaming others for his lies. He lied about his staff; they are all a bunch of convicted felons and retreads from his daddy�s administration. He lied and good men died because he lied. He lied and now the country is bogged down in two Vietnam-like quagmires. Both Afghanistan and Iraq have rapidly descended into guerilla wars. The US forces in Afghanistan control little more than the city of Kabul. The countryside is controlled by the Taliban. The body count from Iraq is averaging one a day since Bush strutting like a peacock with an ego problem in a custom-designed flight suit proclaimed the end of the Iraqi war on the deck of the aircraft carrier, Abraham Lincoln. He lied that the aircraft carrier was still en route to the port. It was circling offshore waiting for his photo op. He lied and it cost the taxpayers a million dollars for that photo op. It delayed the reunion of the sailors with their families by a full day. He lied about his military record, his rich daddy bought him a spot in the National Guards and then he deserted. He lied and good men are still dying in Iraq. He lied about Gulf War illness. The first lie said it was pneumonia. At least a hundred men and women have become ill. Several have died from this mysterious illness. He lied about it. He then tried to cover it up. Josh Neusche was one of those stricken with the illness. He was sent to Germany in a coma. While in a coma the Smirk regime classified Josh as medically retired without his or his parents� approval. Under this classification, the Department of Defense was not obligated to provide funds for his parents to visit him before he died. His parents were unable to afford the airfare to Europe. His unit raised the money for his parents' travel expenses to Germany and should be commended for the act. While in Germany Josh�s father overheard the nurses talking about getting ready for hundreds of similar cases and personally witnessed 55 new cases arrive. He lied and tried to prevent the parents from seeing their dying son for one last time to cover up his lie. He lied about the looting and arson in Iraq. A recent report supports the conclusion that the arson is well organized. Looters obviously have something to gain. However, the arsons gain nothing unless they are paid by someone, they just risk their lives. A reporter witnessed a government building being looted, following the looting two blue buses arrived full of people. Those people aboard the buses then proceeded to torch the building. They then reboarded the buses and sped away outside Baghdad. It was obvious they were well organized. US troops stood by and watched as the building was looted and then torched. In another incident witnessed by the reporter, an Arabic-speaking US soldier invited the on-looking crowd to loot and trash Baghdad University. The arsons have nothing to gain by their action in destroying government documents including the Iraqi equivalent to deeds. However, once the Iraqi documents have been destroyed any US corporation or individual is free to file a claim on that land. He lied, and Corporate America is plundering Iraq. He has lied about war crimes. From Europe, there are reports that prisoners in Afghanistan were herded like cattle into shipping containers with no ventilation until there was standing room only. Some of the containers were then machine-gunned to create ventilation holes in the presence of US forces. The containers were then transported through stifling heat to a secret desert location. If the prisoners were lucky enough to have survived, they were then machine-gunned or buried alive in trenches by bulldozers in the presence of American forces, who made no attempts to stop such atrocities. He has lied about Camp X-Ray in Cuba as it violates all standards of the Geneva Convention. Reports from both Afghanistan and Iraq report torture and in one case a prisoner�s death from torture. In Afghanistan, pilots were ordered to take amphetamines to stay awake resulting in a tragic bombing of Canadian troops. He lied US forces are committing war crimes en mass on his orders. He lied about the reason for the war both the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars were wars for oil. Enron built a three billion-dollar power plant in northern India. A white elephant of sorts as it had no gas supply lines. To supply the plant and bail his friend Kenny boy out of the hole he promised the Taliban a carpet of gold for a pipeline across Afghanistan. If they refused, he threatened a carpet of bombs. They refused. They were bombed indiscriminately. Unocal is already seeking contracts and bids in Afghanistan for its gas pipeline. He lied and good people died in Afghanistan. Halliburton has an auspicious wartime contract with the military in Iraq. Brown and Root, a Halliburton subsidiary were awarded nearly $500 million dollars in contracts without competitive bidding. The contracts were awarded in December 2001. In other words, this war was planned at least within three short months of 9/11. Yet, no evidence has surfaced that Iraq was involved in any way with 9/11 or al-Qaeda. Cheney has coveted the Iraqi oil fields for over a decade, the federally mandated release of his energy task force papers make clear that the plans had moved to the war planning stage by March 2001 - six months before 9/11 - as contracts were under review for Iraq oil fields not yet in US possession. Cheney must have been a very angry fellow when the first gulf war failed to dislodge Saddam and open the fields for international plunder. Cheney even managed to help gloss over the first gulf war was started because Kuwait had positioned oil wells within feet of the Iraqi border and had slant drilled into Iraqi oil pools. That's thievery by any measure, and of course, the fact that the Bush family had an interest in this oil operation has been well hidden from the American public. It is also a fact that during the first Gulf War the oil fields were not set ablaze by Iraqi forces but by a secret team of US Special Forces. Of course, it was Brown and Root that was granted the contract to put out those fires. Those fires helped to keep the price of gasoline abnormally high. Moreover, in 1997 when Cheney was head of Halliburton, Brown, and Root collaborated with Nigeria�s Mobile Police Unit, a kill-and-go group reminiscence of the Nazi Einsatzgruppen units. Today Halliburton is still paying Cheney deferred compensation of up to one million dollars a year while good men are still dying in Iraq. He lied about the cost of the war. With each revision of the budget, the deficit forecast grows larger. Bechtel was awarded a contract that ultimately will cost the American taxpayers tens of billions of dollars in a secretive bidding process only open to a select group of American corporations. The six companies that submitted bids were all large campaign donors to the Republican Party. Bechtel alone contributed $1.3 million to the Republicans between 1999-2002. Bechtel has served as sort of a halfway house for lame Republicans throughout the last few decades. He lied and the American taxpayer pay the cost. He lied to the UN. He tried strong-arming other countries to join his war for oil. He even tried blackmailing others to join. Only a handful of countries came forward to take part in the rape of Iraq. Only Poland was honest enough to admit that it was a war for oil. He has treated old allies such as France and Germany as tramps because of their refusal to join his war for oil. In Germany, he has the CIA working behind the scenes to destabilize the present prime minister. France would be justified in asking for the return of that great lady gracing the harbor of New York. It is obvious that this country is no longer the citadel of freedom and liberty. He has squandered away the amazing amount of goodwill from the nations of the world due to the 9/11 tragedy. Today America is regarded as a rogue nation throughout the world. An unpredictable rogue willing to kill for oil. He lied and today we stand alone in a hostile war. He lied that his war on terrorism would make a safer world for us. Despite a never-ending war on terrorism, al-Qaeda has regrouped. The Taliban are now in control of the countryside of Afghanistan. Bin Laden is still unaccounted for. Saddam is still on the loose. North Korea has now acquired nuclear weapons and has threatened to use them if provoked. North Korea has also obtained the missiles to deliver those nuclear weapons to the West Coast. Yet, in a brash display of fools� folly, he has the pentagon drawing up an extremely aggressive plan of action against North Korea. A plan that calls for another massive aerial bombardment of North Korea followed by an invasion. He lied and is using the people of the West Coast as pawns in a game of nuclear brinkmanship. Is his plan to provoke North Korea into lobbing a nuclear weapon at the West Coast so he can declare martial law and suspend the 2004 election? That is not as far-fetched as it sounds. Remember this is the same group of right-wing fools that planned to do the same thing in the 1950s with Operation North Woods. It's certainly at the moment that he would not receive a single electoral vote from the West Coast states in an honest election. He is also the thief that stole the 2000 election in Florida thanks to his brother�s help. He is also a member of the Republican Party that detests the vote of the people. It is top Republicans that own the computerized balloting firms. They have lied about the ease with which computerized voting can be manipulated. They lied; the vote was manipulated in Georgia in the last election. In his home state of Texas, the party has turned the state past time into chasing missing state legislators into a new sport all over a gerrymandering issue. In California, it was the same party that financed a recall of the elected governor. To this writer, this seems more like a political maneuver to steal the electoral vote in 2004. Moreover, we have his word on it that he would like to be a dictator. He lied and prevented ballots from being counted in Florida. Two years after 9/11 our harbors are still inviting targets to terrors running amok. Our skies are still vulnerable to the same style of attack. He lied about the no-fly list which seems dominated by political activists from the left. State and local governments are strapped for cash to fund their anti-terrorism program. Yet, he has provided no federal money to fund these programs. He lied about making the world safe from terrorism and we now face more danger than ever. He lied about 9/11. He even censored 28 pages from the congressional whitewashing report. Those that have seen those 28 pages say that those pages directly implicate the ruling family of Saudi Arabia and its government in financing al-Qaeda. He lied about his family�s connections to bin Laden�s family. The Bush family and the bin Ladens have been connected as far back as the early 1980s. It was the bin Laden family that financed little George�s misadventures in Arbusto and Harkin Oil. He lied when all planes were grounded in the United States after 9/11 and allowed the Saudis a flight so they could fly their nationals outside of the country beyond the reach of the FBI and law enforcement agencies. He lied and stopped FBI investigations into Saudi nationals before 9/11. Additionally, the bin Ladens were members of the Carlyle group along with George senior. He lied; a meeting between Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage and General Mahmoud, the 9-11 'money man', was scheduled at the State Department for the morning after September 11 to discuss their strategy. He lied and his daddy is pocketing the profits from war. He lied about not having foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks. During the WTO talks in Italy in the summer of 2001 surface to air missiles were deployed to protect the meeting for his visit. On September 10, 2001, the surface-to-air missiles were deployed on the rooftop of the motel George stayed at in Florida. To say the least deploying surface to air missiles in protecting the president is highly unusual and not part of the routine protection. There were no surface-to-air missiles deployed in Portland the last time little George visited nor in any other city after 9/11. At the same time, John Ashcroft had quit flying commercial airliners in August. On the morning of 9/10, top pentagon officials canceled all of their flights aboard commercial airliners. Brother Jeb in the state of Florida even issued an executive order declaring martial law on 9/7 in the event of an act of terrorism. However, such psychic abilities that protected the top officials in the Bush regime failed to protect the people working in the World Trade Center towers. He lied and three thousand good people died in a single day. He lied that there were no military fighters available to intercept the hijacked planes. Does anyone seriously believe that two-thirds of the East Coast airspace was left unprotected including the White House? Fighters were available at several locations manned by the National Guard, Reservist, and active military units. Yes, those interceptors remain partially armed, certainly armed enough to take out a commercial airliner. The FAA�s internet site was quite specific in what to do when a plane veers off course by five miles or more or when contact is lost. They are to call NORAD to have a fighter intercept the errant plane. The FAA rules were very specific on that point even in case of doubt call NORAD immediately. The FAA site was mysteriously pulled immediately after 9/11, but thanks to one internet activist, the material have been preserved. He lied to wage his oil war. Some may remember that when golfer Payne Stewart�s plane failed to make a turn, a fighter was alongside the aircraft within less than 20 minutes. Then a series of fighters tracked alongside the plane until it crashed in South Dakota. One can rest assured that if such ability existed for a small private aircraft that such an ability exists for large commercial airliners. Especially when four suddenly deviates from their courses within less than an hour of each other. He lied then he ran and hid like a scared rabbit in a deep bunker under Nebraska cornfields. He didn�t dare return to Washington until after nightfall sneaking into the capital like a thief in the middle of the night. He lied and used the event to stage a photo op in a fireman�s coat. Further, at least one article appearing on the internet shows some of the top executives of the financial firms had the good fortune to fly to Offutt air base in Omaha on the morning of 9/11. For those not familiar with the cold war strategy, Offutt is the SAC base designed with bunkers to survive a nuclear war. These financial CEOs arrived by private jet from NY just in time to see the video on the plane crashing into the second tower. Supposedly, they were attending a charity event on the base hosted by Warren Buffet. That�s the same base little George hid out at and that is the same Warren Buffet that held the insurance policies on the World Trade Center. How strange is it that the top executive of Franklin Resources and other top financial executives had the good fortune to be in Omaha while their employees perished in the inferno of the World Trade Center towers? He lied about a forewarning to wage a war against freedom. He lied about the Patriot Act. Within 45 days of 9/11, the act he submitted to congress passed both branches. The House of Representatives passed the act without copies to review. The act is anything but patriotic; it is a full-scale assault on our freedoms granted in the Bill of Rights. The act is fully unconstitutional as it voids the First, Fourth Fifth, Sixth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments. The act expands the government�s terrorism laws to include domestic terrorism that could subject political organizations to surveillance, wiretapping, harassment, and criminal action for political advocacy. The act expands the government�s ability to conduct secret searches and permits wider surveillance of phone calls and internet usage. The act allows FBI agents to open an investigation on a person by merely claiming it was for intelligence purposes. The act allows non-citizens to be arrested and detained indefinitely on mere suspicion. The act allows the government to monitor the conversations between a defendant and his attorney. He lied, this was no act of patriotism it was an act granting Gestapo powers to a religious kook that is hell-bent on destroying the rest of the constitution and waging a religious vendetta against calico cats. He lied and took away our rights and freedoms. The danger in the Patriotic Act comes as a three-prong attack on our right to privacy. First, it grants the executive branch unprecedented and largely unchecked surveillance powers. Secondly, it paves away around the fourth amendment�s probable cause when conducting surveillance. All that is needed now is an excuse of significant purpose or the gathering of foreign intelligence. No checks are provided for who determines if it is significant or if it is foreign intelligence. Finally, it once again opens the door wide for the entry of the CIA into domestic affairs. Does anyone still remember the Church Committee and the CIA�s Operation Chaos? He lied about the content and need for the Patriotic Act and hundreds of good men have suffered embarrassing searches including a New Mexico attorney detained after visiting the public library for reading an article unfavorable to this regime. He lied and the rights of good people have been abused. Even more onerously is a suit filed against protestors in California by a defense contractor seeking payment for the increased cost of security due to the protest. If the court rules in favor of the defense contractor, it will be the death keel for public protests. In Oregon, the Republicans introduced a bill in the statehouse that would have deemed any protestor that caused to delay anyone, a domestic terrorist. The bill failed to pass. He lied this is no war on terrorism it is a war on American freedom. In an effort to further concentrate and consolidate his power this "want to be a dictator" asked congress to create a cabinet-level department of Homeland Security. Wasn�t the Gestapo in charge of the Fatherland Security? The act was flagrantly anti-union. The department consolidates some twenty-odd agencies under one department and denies the employees union membership. Under the department, was the over-promoted TIPS program seeking to recruit mailmen, delivery men, utility meter readers, and others to spy on their neighbors and report any suspicious activity. These tipsters would be immune from any liability. Another proposal under this department was the total awareness program. Under the proposal for total awareness, every purchase anyone would make would be stored in a database in an effort to detect suspicious activity. The provision for a national identity card was killed. However, buried deep in the bill passed in 2002 was a section limiting the liability of any manufacturer of homeland security devices. It further limited the liability of drug companies including the maker of the ill-fated smallpox vaccine. Thus, taking away our right to sue as granted in the constitution. Anytime such as this when the government subordinates the rights of the people to a corporation, it is a step towards fascism. This administration is not slowly creeping towards fascism it's sprinting towards full-blown fascism. Once again, congressional oversight was extremely limited as evident in the use of the new department for partisan purposes in locating the Texas legislators after they skipped out of Dallas. This big brother unit created solely for domestic spying was the largest expansion of the government since the New Deal. This Orwellian approach is a death march right into 1984. He lied, the ones waving the flags as his motorcade passes by are not patriots; they are the modern-day equivalent of the goose-stepping SS of Nazi Germany. In still another effort to further consolidate power in the executive branch he lied about the sequel to the Patriotic Act. Ashcroft�s department of injustice had secretly prepared another bill and had submitted copies only to the Republican House Speaker and Dick Cheney the president of the Senate. Fortunately, this bill never passed. However, Congress is still trying to determine how many good people Ashcroft has been arrested and imprisoned for extended lengths of time without ever filing charges. Ashcroft maintains such information is a privilege and needs to be kept secret. He lied and thousands of American soldiers have died in the past fighting governments that secretly arrested people, held secret trials, secretly spied on citizens, and executed people on orders from secret tribunals. He lied about his tax cut reviving the economy. He lied about creating jobs, He lied about education, He lied about the environment, and has selectively censored his own departments� conclusions on global warming. He has illegally withdrawn from the test ban treaties and the treaty of non-militarizing space. He has opposed an international court for war criminals. He has lied about globalization and free trade both are just another name for world fascism. He has lied on every issue. He has turned the country into another third-world banana republic where only the rich have any rights. He has lied to congress. He has committed war crimes. He lied about upholding the constitution. He allowed 3000 people to be murdered in the World Trade Center towers. He willfully exposed the ambassador�s wife as a CIA agent as a forewarning to everyone that he would not go down alone. This administration knows no bounds. To cover up his lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, he sent a secret CIA team in ahead of the invasion. Their mission was to plant weapons of mass destruction. Ironically, they were killed by advancing US forces, who thought they were Iraqis. All of his lies are grounds for impeachment but impeachment is not enough. The impeachment followed by a pardon is an injustice. The only manner in which justice can be served and to rid this country of fascism and to regain our stature as a peaceable nation in the world is for him and a dozen or so of his cohorts to twist in the wind at the end of a hangman�s noose following a conviction in a Nuremberg style trial.


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